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April 7, 2011

Pet Cakes (Series 2) Review

Pet Cakes Logo

 I was SO excited when I opened the box to find these sitting in there. These PetCakes are so adorable. They are animals that sit inside a cupcake sleeve and have cupcake tops! I received the whole Series 2 PetCakes  collection. The collection comes with 4 PetCakes. There is Nutty Nicky, Roco Coco, Bamboo Berry, and Honey Cakes.

Pet Cakes Series 2

I let my girls choose the 2 they wanted but it really didn't end up that way. It went to them trading several times and ended up with just sharing them all. 
Audrey even took one to Show n' Tell today at school. She took 'Roco Coco' - which is the raccoon (far left in the photo above).

Each PetCake can come out of its sleeve. They also have a cherry that sits on their cupcake top (frosting).

Nutty Nicky is a squirrel in a light green cupcake sleeve, and has yellow frosting, RocoCoco is a raccoon in a yellow sleeve with purple frosting,  Honey Cakes is a bear in a yellow sleeve with orange frosting, and Bamboo Berry is a panda with blue frosting.

These pets are very good quality. They don't look like they are cheaply made. The eyes are embroidered; and I really like that because that means no eyes to worry about falling off or my kids trying to pull them off. That also means that these PetCakes are recommended for ages 3 and up!

My girls really love these and think they are really cute.



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