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July 19, 2011

Ellé Naturals Lip Balm Review

Ellé Naturals is a new eco-friendly lip balm that is made in Austin, Texas. It's created to moisturize and nourish every time it's applied. They make their lip balm in small batches, that way they can make sure you will be receiving the best quality possible. They use recyclable packaging and biodegradable shipping materials.

The lip balm comes in 9 delicious flavors and I am excited to tell you I had the opportunity to try each and every one of them! This was really exciting because I love lip balms. Out of the 9 flavors, I have chosen 3 of them as my favorite, but, before I tell you which ones are my favorites, I'm going to tell you the 9 yummy flavors.

-Green Tea Butter with Peppermint
-Green Tea Butter with Lemon
-Mango Butter with Coconut
-Mango Butter with Lime
-Shea Butter with Grapefruit
-Shea Butter Natural (unscented)
-Coffee Butter Vanilla Latte
-Coffee Butter French Vanilla
-Acai Butter with Raspberry

So can you guess which 3 are my favorite? If you guessed Acai Butter with Raspberry, Mango Butter with Coconut, and Green Tea Butter with Lemon, you're right! Citrus scents have been a big thing of mine for a while, so I instantly knew I would love this one. I thought I would love the lime scented one too, but it's not as strong as the lemon. It still smells good too, I just like the lemon better. All of them smell really good, except the natural because it's unscented; which will be great for those of you who would rather have an unscented lip balm.

So now that you know my favorites, let's get on with how the lip balm works! First, I have to point out the shape of the stick. It's not your average lip balm. These are shaped more like an oval. If you look at the image to the right, you may be able to tell. I had Chris try them out and tell me what he thought of the shape of them, and he thought it was great. He liked it better then other lip balms. He said it made it easier to apply, that it fit right over your lips. At first, I wasn't sure about the shape, that's why I asked for his thoughts, but then I quickly realized that he was right. Also, I noticed that instead of doing each lip individually like we usually do with other lip balms, with you can do both lips at the same time.

These lip balms are a little buttery, but not like other balms I have tried. This lip balm has more of a smooth feel to it, which I actually like better then buttery lip balms. They aren't sticky which is a plus. The scent on most is quite strong; not over-bearing, but strong. I personally love the strength of scent, I think it's perfect. The strong scented lip balms are my 3 favorites and the coffee scented balms. The others are a little lighter scented; still noticeable, but not as strong as the other. Those of you who don't like strong scents, they would be perfect. I don't want to mislead you with how "strong" the scents are, because some people may take that as a bad thing, so I will give you an example. When I smell the Acai Butter with Raspberry, it reminds me of a Cranberry Raspberry drink. It has the same amount of scent as you would get from the drink. The Green Tea Butter with Lemon, would be the same as a lemon slice (maybe a little calmer), and the Mango Butter with Coconut is a little calmer then coconut oil. This is the only way I could think of to describe them.



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