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July 18, 2011

Fantastic Sams Salon and Products Review

Fantastic Sams Salon Company Logo

I have to say that I have been waiting so long to visit Fantastic Sams and I finally got to! I was so excited because I wanted to get my hair professionally done. It's been a while, and my hair really needed it.

It was a little upsetting when we drove 30 minutes to the salon near me,  and they wouldn't accept the certificate (see more about this at the end). Thankfully, the lady who I was in contact with for this review, helped me out and contacted people who could get all this straightened out. Finally I was able to visit a different location (still around 35 minutes away), and they accepted it. Yay! I was so happy!

When we first arrived, we met the receptionist, whose name was Caitlin, I believe. She was very nice and took care of us quickly. She told us the wait would be about 3 minutes. We didn't have to wait any longer either. I was quickly seated and ready to get my hair washed. I have to admit, I love getting my hair washed at a salon. It always feels really nice on my scalp and the results seem to be always better then what I get at home. The hair stylist was really nice too. She made sure the temperature of the water was comfortable  and made sure she knew exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to have my hair cut a little bit shorter, with layers and side bangs. I got exactly what I wanted.

Danielle's Hair After Fantastic SamsI was really pleased with the outcome I got from Fantastic Sams. After the stylist had finished with my hair, and my daughters (we got their hair cut too!), I told her about my attempt of giving myself highlights. She said they actually looked "cool" and looked I did it on purpose. Before getting my hair done, I actually hated it. I thought it looked horrible and looked like a hair dye gone wrong. But after we left and I saw my reflection and when I saw my side bangs with my hair dye mistake, I actually loved it. It reminded me of "Tiger Eye". They were black with a golden highlight stripe.

I was very happy with my results and can't wait to go back and get my hair done again!

On top of being able to visit Fantastic Sams, I also got to try some of their Lavender Mint with Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner. It had a good smell and it made my hair feel really nice and soft.

When visiting Fantastic Sams for the first time I was going in with a voucher that was given to me by Fantastic Sam's PR company. The voucher was signed by the Fantastic Sam's CEO. I showed the lady behind the counter the voucher and she proceeded to tell me that it "wasn't theirs". I didn't know what she meant by that but she also said that she didn't even know who it was (the person who signed the bottom of the voucher). She said it wasn't for their location and she wouldn't accept it. Even after telling her who I received it from, she wouldn't accept it. Even after receiving a phone call from the PR lady who gave me the voucher, she STILL wouldn't accept it. I had to go to a different location. I feel that if a company gives out vouchers [that are signed by the CEO] that their employees should be aware of such vouchers and who their own CEO is.  



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