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July 19, 2011

Fotobounce Review

Are you tired of uploading all of your photos to social networking sites just to show a couple people and having your uploaded pictures available for all of your friends to see? Maybe you have photos you only want specific people to see. You don't have to upload your photos to social networking sites anymore to share. I would like to tell you about a new program called Fotobounce.

Fotobounce is a free (with ads) photo sharing progam. If you'd rather have it ad-free, you can purchase it for $49. I would like to say that the ads in the free version do not get in your way. They are located at the top and you may not even notice they are there. At first I didn't. For me, they aren't a big deal either.
With Fotobounce, you can connect to Facebook, Flickr, and AirSet with two ways to share photos. You can also share photos on Twitter through TwitPic or Fotobounce. I noticed that you can share an entire album, or individual photos. I think this is very important when it comes to photo sharing.

If you want to share your photos with specific people, you have to send them an email to become your "Bouncer", which will allow them to see the photos you choose to.
Once I logged into Facebook through Fotobounce, I was able to see my friends and I could filter by name. Once I found the person I was looking for, I was able to view their photos and photos they were tagged in.
I really liked that I was also able to view the photos I have on my other pages and share them as well.

You can organize photos by each album, or even more detailed organizing like by events, places, keywords, dates or collections. You can even purchase products with your photos printed if you wanted. Another thing I noticed was that when I uploaded photos, it has a super face recognition. It found faces that were not even close up in my photo. This is a good and bad thing though. Good, if you have a photo taken with a lot of people or people you know behind you but far back, you can easily tag them. Bad, if you have a photo of someone with random people behind them, it will recognize every face. But overall, I think it is a good thing.

There are so many things you can do with this program, and it will take a lot of playing with to figure everything out. So that's what I've been doing! This can be a great program for you to share photos, and have quick & easy access to all of your photos. This is also a great way to back up all of your photos. I really like that it is good for this because there have been times when I backed up folders of my photos but I couldn't restore individual photos - only entire albums. If I only wanted one photo, why should I have to wait several minutes for an entire album? I have albums with hundreds of photos and restoring that to my computer can take a long time. Being able to download and restore individual photos will make it so much easier.

I wish there was an option to edit photos and maybe even add cool effects to the photos. I think that would be really neat and a lot of people would enjoy using it.

Some people may think this is an unsafe program because you are able to share your friends' photos - not just your own. Actually, you can share a friend's entire album with anyone you want. You can still share photos on Facebook but, it's a little different when you're allowing unknown people view others photos. You may have your photos set for only certain people to view, or you may have certain people blocked, but, someone could use this program and share any of the photos you have uploaded to Facebook just by allowing friends to become a "Bouncer". 


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