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September 29, 2011

Cape Clogs Review

Cape Clogs is a company that sells handmade clogs from Sweden. They are made with natural grained leather and feature a classic design with an Alderwood footbed. The clogs are made the same way they were in the 70's. Cape Clogs offers a wide selection of designs; they have solid prints, flower prints, prints that show personality (which all prints could), hand painted clogs, and more.

I was kindly sent a pair of clogs of my choice, along with matching pairs for my daughters. I was very excited and happy about this because I thought it would be so cute to match my girls. After searching through their selection of clogs, I came across leopard print, which is my favorite print. However, I wanted to go with something different. So instead of choosing the leopard print, I decided to go with the Flower Power design. They are pink, with splashes of color on the flowers.

I really love how these are made. You can definitely tell they are handmade, and my favorite part is the bottom. The bottom is carved out, which to me, gives it that perfect classic clog design. They are comfortable to wear, although they will a little loose for my feet. The only problem I seen with them (my daughters' pairs), is that the print started fading even after the first day wearing them. I'm not exactly sure what caused this, but as soon as my daughters seen the clogs were for them, they wanted to wear them right away, even in the house. We have carpeted floors, so the carpet may have had something to do with it. Having said that, I wouldn't suggest these for everyday wear. 

Another thing about the children's clogs, is that they include a moveable strap that can either be placed on the back, to help keep the clog on, or over the top for an extra stylish look.

If you are ordering in the US, you'll have to convert your shoe size over to EUR size. I'm a size 8-8 1/2 so I chose a size 39. 
Price: around $80



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