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September 21, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 16

It's hard to believe I am 4 months pregnant already. 

Nothing has really changed this week either. I can still say my nausea isn't as bad as it was before. 
It does get a little hard to brush my teeth; it makes me gag sometimes. I know, it's gross. 

I have been so stressed out because I have been trying to get Medicaid. Since me and Chris aren't married yet I can't get his insurance. First off it started that my caseworker sent me the wrong papers to fill out. She sent me papers to get my kids coverage, which I don't need because they are both on Chris'. So I sent it the papers she would need for my application, for myself to get Medicaid. The paystubs I sent in were like $100 under the monthly limit. Well, after a month of trying to get ahold of my caseworker, she finally calls to tell me that we won't qualify because Chris makes too much. What they did was take the total amount and multiply it by 4.233. Which made us be a little over $100 over. 

So.. she said we can try every month to try and work things out and be able to qualify. I'm having more hope this time and really think things will work out. That relieves me a bit. 

Enough about that, I think I have felt the baby move a few times. I'm not sure though. I've felt flutters and a couple little pokes. I can't wait till I really feel the baby move.

I have been craving so much salsa. It's so hard to stop eating it. My mouth can be on fire and I will continue to eat it. Salsa and tortilla chips. Yum!

That's it for this week!


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