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October 7, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 18

I feel like I have been saying this a lot, but I really apologize for not posting very much. 
I have not felt up to posting lately and I'm not sure why. There has been some stuff going on which has made me extra tired, so that may be part of the reason. 

Chris' sister will be moving in with us so I have been trying to clean stuff up and make some room for her. It feels like it's a never ending job. On top of all that, I still have to do my daily chores, lol, you know, clean up after the kids, make dinner, do dishes, etc. Trying to do all this while 4 months pregnant, isn't really easy for me. It will be much easier once Chris' sister is here because she can help out around the house.

As far as my pregnancy, nothing has changed really since the last few weeks. I'm still getting nauseous at least once a day. If I smell cat poo, I have to grab the air freshener and spray it around me and pretty much make a barricade with it, lol. 

I got the whole Medicaid thing straightened out, FINALLY! I was really surprised, and confused when it happened. Since I'm sure the last week I mentioned that I would have to fill out another application and send it in with Chris' 4 paystubs. So, last Monday we printed them out and I started filling out the application online and in the beginning, it asked if I had a Medicaid application OPEN so I chose yes, it then asked for the application number and it also asked if I was pregnant. Since it needed the application number, I had to go back to the first application and get it, once I got there, the application said the same thing it's said for a long time.. PENDING. (Which my caseworker said I was going to be denied for that app and that I would receive a denial letter.) I'm not sure if this had anything to do with it, but anyway... Then when it came time to enter Audrey's SSN, I had to use Chris' tax papers because he lost her card 3 years ago when he applied for this place. I couldn't find the tax paper so I started stressing out and freaking out. 

Then.. I thought I could look in the filing cabinet and find another set of tax papers but I found nothing. I remember coming back to my desk and setting the keys down and thinking why did I bring these out here and not put them away.. I got up and was looking around the living room and dining room for the missing tax paper and then I decided I would go to a deeper look in the filing cabinet.. I turn around and the keys are gone! I asked Sabrina if she took them and she said yes but when asked what she did with them, she said umm I don't know. So then I started stressing out about that and actually started crying.

I sat back down at the computer and thought maybe I could pull up the info from the last application. When I logged back into the social services page and viewed my last application it said -

Granted - We are pleased to inform you that your Application for Assistance is APPROVED.

I was totally shocked and confused. 

Why all of a sudden did it get approved. I was thinking THANK GOD. It happened at the right time. I still didn't understand what the NJC PREG ONLY JE meant so I tried calling my doctor that following day. They told me they weren't bringing me up in the computer as being eligible. Which for some reason, they couldn't bring me up in the computer at all either time they tried checking while we were there. (They tried telling me the application number I had wasn't an Medicaid application number, but it was. It works for me.)

The lady told me it was more of a pre-eligibility thing and that it would last 30 days. Now I was thinking, GREAT... I wasn't sure if I had to fill out another application or not. I called Medicaid a bit after that and see if I would have to fill out another app.. the lady said that my application was approved the day before and I would NOT have to fill out another app. Woohoo!

I still have a question for Medicaid though which I didn't ask because I was too excited.. I don't know if this means I am covered for the pregnancy only, or if I'm covered during my pregnancy only.

I'll find out soon.

My next appt is the 11th, not the 8 like I thought.

Hopefully I'll get some ultrasound pictures then!


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