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October 28, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 21 (We're having a .........)

So I'm 21 weeks 1 day today.
We had the ultrasound yesterday morning and we're having.....

A BOY!!!!

I am so excited. I dropped a few tears when the ultrasound lady told us. 

Every time I see this ultrasound photo, I smile and just want to cry with happiness. I would have loved another girl too, but I am just so happy to finally get my baby boy. 

I had strong feelings the whole time it was a boy. A few reasons.. I was craving salty and spicy foods, this pregnancy was totally different then my other 2, and plus the Chinese calendar said I was having a boy, lol (well with that it was just hoping it was right.)

During this pregnancy so far, I have been an emotional wreak. I get so upset over little things, I feel hurt and like I'm being left out. Well, I pretty much was. Every time Chris would go somewhere, it was always for his sister and I was the one left at home. He knows I like being with him and I love getting out. So it hurt that anytime she wants to go somewhere, he'll jump right up at take her, but when I ever wanted to go somewhere, it was not today babe or maybe next weekend. It doesn't matter where he was going, I was/am the one left at home. 
Anyway, I can't believe I'm having a boy!!!!!!!


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