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November 23, 2011

Bialetti Aeternum Saute Pan Review

The Bialetti brand began in Italy and has become the leading brand around the world for their high quality products. I had the opportunity to review their Pasta Pot a while back, and this time I am here to tell you about their Aeternum Saute Pan. 
Chris really enjoys it when I get stuff for the kitchen. Not really sure why, since I am the one who cooks, ha.
When I first used this pan, I was totally impressed. Nothing stuck at all and the food slid around so easily. The food was quickly cooked without burning and everything tasted great. 

So far we have used this pan to make a sausage stir-fry, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even omelets. I couldn't believe how perfect the omelets came out. The omelet would just slide around in the pan and it flipped with no problems. 

The pan was extremely easy to clean and it still looks brand new after each wash. This has become the households favorite pan and if the food can fit, it's the first pan we grab for. 

There has been quite a few time we bought pots and pans that were supposed to be 'non-stick', but they wouldn't work great or would only work good the first couple times of using it and then the food would stick. This pan is truly non-stick and has worked perfectly every time we have used it. 

This pan is from the Aeternum cookware line and the products in this line are free of PFOA, PTFE and Cadmium. The white surface is nano-ceramic, which makes it smooth and easy to clean. The exterior is constructed of scratch-resistant, hi-temp silicone. It's recommended you wash by hand.

As I said above, this has become everyone's favorite pan. I totally recommend this saute pan by Bialetti. The only thing I wish it had, was a lid. However, they do sell bigger saute pans that comes with lids.  These saute pans come in three sizes; 8", 10.25" and a 12". Price starts at around $24.95

You can purchase this pan and other Bialetti products from certain retailers. To see where you can find Bialetti cookware, check their store locator.



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