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November 16, 2011

Internet Security Suite Plus Review

Internet Security Suite Plus is a great way to keep the hackers out of your computer, along with keeping the internet safe for your children. You can shop online without fear of identity theft and you can also keep track of important files with 2 GB free (for 12 months*) back up.

Internet Security Suite Plus features an anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-spam, parental controls, gaming/video mode, anti-phishing, data migration, online backup, and automatic updates. 

When I first inserted the disc to install the Internet Security Suite Plus, the install box came up pretty fast and I was quickly on my way to install the program. It started off quick and smooth and then I reached a screen saying it could take several minutes. At first I didn't see the progress bar moving, so I ended up leaving the computer and about 10 minutes of being away I noticed it had completed.

I did notice that while it was installing, it turned off my windows firewall and windows defender. When I went to check out the new program, I seen it was 'Off'. I tried to turn it on and it said it was 'Out of Date'. When trying to update, a box would pop up asking if I trust the program. After clicking yes, another box pops up saying the program has stopped working.

I am not sure why this has happened. The box says it works with Windows 7,  Vista, and XP. I am running windows Vista.



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