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November 27, 2011

Libre Tea Mug Review

 Libre Tea glasses offer a great way to drink loose leaf tea more conveniently. They make great gifts for anyone who loves tea, especially loose leaf tea. Along with their original poly tea glass, they have a new Glass n' Poly Mug for loose leaf tea.

Price: $32.50
It's great to use in the office or at home and is another great gift to give to anyone at anytime. Now is the perfect time to gift someone this Libre Tea Mug; not only for the holidays, but for the winter. The Libre Mug offers a handle that makes it easier to hold and it has a 'health-conscious' glass interior, so you can be sure your tea will taste it's best every time. It's filter is made from stainless steel and it's surrounded by BPA free polypropylene, just like the inside of the lid. The mug is 10 oz, which is a perfect size for tea on the go. It makes making tea while traveling or at work so much easier. You don't have to have a tea pot or stove to brew your tea. You can use the tea mug and it will give you perfectly brewed loose leaf tea that will taste great every time you brew it through the mug (or their other tea glasses).

This Libre Mug can be used two ways.

Watch the video below to find out how the Libre Tea Glasses can be used.



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