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November 22, 2011

mimijumi - Makers of the Very Hungry Baby Bottle Review

The Very Hungry Baby Bottle can hold 8oz of breast milk or formula and it meant to feed your very hungry baby. They are easy to open, close, and clean. The bottle comes with a flow rate 1(slow) nipple. The bottle is dishwasher and microwave safe and also includes a skid free base.

When I first looked at the bottle I was impressed with the nipple. It is the closest nipple I have seen to being natural. I love how the bottle is slightly angled, which will provide comfort for baby and parent. Bottles like these usually let the milk or formula flow at the rate it should, even with the proper nipple. Having angled bottles like this is more comforting that having a straight bottle. Though, I have to admit, I haven't always used angled bottles. I do prefer them though.

The 8oz bottle is a great size for hungry babies. You won't definitely need to fill the whole thing when your baby is a newborn, but the bottle will still benefit your baby. mimijumi also sells a smaller bottle (4 oz), which is known as the Not So Hungry Baby Bottle. This bottle is perfect for newborns and still provides the same comfort and benefits as the Very Hungry Baby Bottle.

You can find these bottles and replacement nipples (slow, medium, fast rates) at their online store. The 4 oz bottle retails for $13.99.



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