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November 8, 2011

My Baby Compass Review

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My Baby Compass is a 'complete child development program'. It consists of three books; Birth to Two Years, Two to Four Years, and Four to Seven years. Each book includes checklists to keep track of your child's milestones and development. This is really great because it shows the milestone that is appropriate for child's age. But please remember that all babies develop at their own pace. For milestones to be reached around 19-24 months, they should be checked at the latest; 24 months.

These books also provide suggestions for toys, games, rhymes, and more for babies. For an example, some great activities for a 13-18 month old, you can gather items of different shapes, or try a shape puzzle. They say it's best to start off with wooden puzzles that are sturdy. 

I really wish I had these books when I had my first daughter. I did have books that told me what to expect at certain ages, but nothing as detailed as these. When my first daughter turned two years and still wasn't saying 'mommy', I knew I had to talk to her doctor. Her doctor suggested Early Intervention and after that we had a speech therapist come to our home every week to do 1 on 1 therapy with her. Once she turned 3, she entered the preschool program and still gets speech therapy every week. She is doing great now and she is in kindergarten. I am so proud of her accomplishments. My 2nd daughter went through the same thing, and now she is in her first year of preschool as well. 

While my first daughter was getting therapy at home, the therapist suggested sign language to us and showed us some basic signs to use with Audrey to help be able to communicate with us and let us know her needs. These books also include signs that you can do with your child so that he/she can communicate with you. There are signs such as food, drink, milk, apple, banana, water, and more. Those are the signs in the food/drink section, but there are tons more. 

In the back of the book there are pockets that hold on the go checklists for your baby's development. They will help enhance certain development areas. These areas include:
•Speech/Language •Hearing •Cognitive/Reasoning 
•Physical •Vision •Social/Emotional



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