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November 5, 2011

Zevia All Natural Soda Review

 Zevia All Natural Soda is a great alternative during pregnancy because not only is it all natural, but it's also good for you. The American Pregnancy Association has approved the ingredient Stevia safe to use during pregnancy (see more about this at www.zevia.com/pregnancy).This is great for me since I am pregnant (22 weeks).

So what is Stevia?
Stevia is a small shrub that is known to be part of the "sunflower family". The native peoples from Paraguay value its sweetness and they have for centuries. Stevia extract, known as Reb-A, is an all natural sweetening ingredient. 
Note: Reb-A (Stevia Extract) does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. Studies have shown that high purity stevia extracts are safe for diabetics.

I was given the chance to review Zevia All Natural Soda in the Grapefruit Citrus flavor. At first, I wasn't too sure about it because I am not a fan of grapefruit at all. But since I am a big drinker of soda, I had to give it a try. To my surprise, it was really good. It tastes similar to Sprite or 7-Up. It didn't taste like grapefruit at all to me, it does have a citrus taste, but when my boyfriend's sister tried it, she said it did taste like grapefruit, and she didn't like it at all. I let my boyfriend try it too, and he thinks it tastes fine and he continues to drink it.

Another great thing about Zevia All Natural Soda is that it has 0 calories, 0 fat, and 0 sugars. I feel so much better drinking this instead of regular soda. I know that drinking soda isn't such a healthy thing period, but then drinking it during pregnancy, isn't a great thing either.

Worried that Zevia might not have a flavor you like? Well check it out, Zevia has 12 different flavors of soda: Black Cherry, Caffeine Free Cola, Cola, Cream Soda, Dr. Zevia, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root Beer, Grape, Grapefruit Citrus, Lemon Lime Twist, Mountain Zevia, and Orange.

If you are a soda drinker, you'll be able to find a flavor you like and will enjoy.
You can also find a $1 off coupon on their Facebook page!

To see where you can find Zevia, check out their store locator.



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