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November 30, 2011

Zippies - Pals That Hang Around Review

 Zippies are new collectable, cute, I.D. tags that you can use to personalize your belongings. Zippies come in cute characters, so far there is Series 1, which consists of 10 different characters. You can use Zippies as a child I.D. tag by placing the Zippie on your child's backpack, belt loop, stuffed animal and writing your emergency contact information on the back of the Zippie. 

You can also use Zippies as name tags for your bottles of water, by writing your name on the Zippie and place the Zippie over your bottle of water or other drink. There are a lot of ways you can use Zippies, including adding them to you keychain.

When I first received Zippies, I thought they were adorable. My favorites are Kayla (the pink one) and Chip (the blue one). I love the fact they can be used for many of things. I plan on putting one on my girls' backpacks since they really like them as well, it will make it easier for them to identify their bags, and if I can get it on the zipper, it will make it easier for them to zip their own bag. 

I don't use many bottles to be able to use these for labeling bottles of water or other drinks, but I like that it is an option if I ever do. If I do ever use these to label bottles, I will know that they are adjustable for bottles of all sizes. Even though I don't drink bottled drinks, Chris drinks Gatorade sometimes, so one of these would be good for him too. 

By labeling your bottled drinks, not only will it help you remember which drink is yours, but it will let other people know that the drink isn't theirs, so they won't be drinking for your bottle and spreading germs. 
You can be very creative when it comes to using your Zippie. You can even make it a fashion accessory by adding it to a necklace. You can also attach it to your luggage to make it easier to spot. 

Each Zippie has a durable elastic nylon cord, which can easily be removed. They also have a push button slider, which allows you to adjust the nylon cord to fit your bottles. The Zippie is made of soft rubber, and the back has a non slip surface, which will make it easier to write on. The nylon cord is attached to a small rugged carabiner clip. You can use this clip to attach the Zippie to backpacks and belt loops.

Once you get your Zippies, I'm sure you'll come up with many other uses.



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