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November 6, 2011

Zippo Candle Lighter Review

 I love having candles around the house, although I don't have very many. I find it really hard to light candles once they get below the jar or candle holder. I have burned myself quite a few times by trying to light small candles. That's where the Zippo Candle Lighter will come in handy.

The Zippo Candle Lighter is larger then your average lighter, which makes it so much easier to light candles without worrying about getting burned. This candle lighter can be used for lighting candles in the bedroom, to create great ambiance while taking a nice bubble bath, or have a romantic dinner.

They have 4 different colors  and 4 different prints available. The printed lighters are a little more then the colored lighters, but I preferred the Cheetah Print Candle Lighter. The colored lighters are more pastel colors, and are very calm. The colors they have are pink, cabernet, seafoam, and pearl. The prints they have include a holiday print (snowflake), cheetah print, patriotic, and asian floral. 

These candle lighters also come in a cute carrying case; which make them perfect as a gift. 
Also, as stated on the Zippo website, it says the lighters include a fuel supply window, but I'm not sure where that it because I have not seen it. There is an adjustable flame dial which is located at the very bottom of the lighter. It's also child resistant. It has a black button on the back which must be pressed in along with pushing the metal piece up on front. Doing this together will ignite the flame.

I am totally in love with my candle lighter. I have mentioned in quite a few of my other posts that I love leopard print, well, cheetah print is just as good. I love anything and everything leopard print.

•Printed Lighters - $19.95
•Colored Lighters - $14.95

I think these would make perfect gifts during the holidays, and Zippo does too! 



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