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December 14, 2011

BeachTowels4U Review

BeachTowels4U is a company that sells novelty beach towels that are suitable for any family. They have football towels (NFL teams and some college), funky towels (Dots candy, Coke, Sugar Daddy candy, and more), children's towels, and more.

I really like using beach towels. Not only for the beach, but I like using them to dry out when I get out of the shower. Since they are much bigger then regular towels, they fit around me better, especially with my growing belly. Plus, having the extra length allows me to wrap the towel around me and tuck it in. 

Although I really like a lot of the towels on the website, I decided to go with one Chris would like too. I chose a Philadelphia Eagles towel. It's Chris' favorite NFL team and any chance that I can choose something of that team, I take it. 

I personally love the towel. The colors are vibrant and the graphics are perfect. The towel is soft (made of 100% cotton), and it gets me warm when I get out of the shower. However, Chris isn't a big fan of using the towel to dry off because he says it's too thin and doesn't absorb much. I do agree that it is thin, but then again, it's a beach towel. This towel is perfect for laying it down on the beach. I will use it both ways.

Where to buy: Beachtowels4u
Price: around $24.99



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