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December 28, 2011

Bioken Pequi Body Care Review

Bioken is a company that creates body products that help promote healthy hair and skin. Their products help with anti-aging and they are full of vitamins. They have quite a few lines and one of them is the Pequi Line. This line consists of three products; Body Wash, Body Lotion, and a Body Oil spray.

The Pequi Body Wash will rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, making it feel smoother and look a lot softer. What I really like about it, is that it is good for all skin types. It doesn't dry my skin afterwards like other body washes do. It's a really great body wash compared to others out on the market because not only does this contain vitamins A,E and C, but it's also free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and DEA. The smell isn't a favorite, only because there really is no smell. After using the body wash just one time, I noticed a difference in my skin compared to using my usual body wash. My skin was much softer and looked a lot brighter and firmer.

Ever since I've been pregnant I've noticed my hands get drier then usual or they just feel icky. This feeling is really annoying. I try using lotions to help, but most of the lotions I have leave my skin feeling greasy and I don't like that feeling either. I absolutely love the way the Pequi Body Lotion makes my skin feel. It makes it feel silky smooth. I even used this on my daughters' and I can feel safe using it on them because I know it's all natural. It restores dry and dull skin and it will even help reduce skin problems. The smell of this isn't bad at all; it's a calm, clean scent but still natural.

Now the Pequi Body Oil spray is one of my favorites. I was never one to use body oil, I honestly never saw the point in making your skin oily. Over the past several months I've read a lot about body oils and now I know the benefits of using it. Oils can be healthy for your skin, just like this one. This body oil has vitamins A, E and C and even UV Ray protection. I even gave my daughters' a spray of it and my oldest daughter said it smelled like apples. Once she said that, I had to smell my arms and then I thought the same thing. However, when I picked up the bottle, it doesn't say anywhere if it has a scent. The only thing in the ingredients list is fragrance. I love the smell and would not expect any body oil to smell like this. By using this body oil, it can help restore skin tone, leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, without clogging pores.

Where to buy: The Bioken
Price: •Pequi Body Wash - $18 (8oz)
          •Pequi Body Lotion - $20 (8oz)
          •Body Oil Spray - $20 (4oz)



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