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December 4, 2011

BuckleyBoo BuckleyPanda Review

BuckleyBoo was started with just one child who was fascinated by the buckle on her diaper bag. Her mother and grandmother came together and created the first ever BuckleyCat. It featured 3 types of buckles that baby can play with and learn how to buckle. Babies love buckles!

I was sent the new BuckleyPanda 12" to review. I was super excited to review this because it just looked too adorable and since I'm expecting baby #3, I thought this would be perfect for him. It would even be fun for my 3 year old. My 5 year old even wanted to play with it. They are not around buckles much so they could use the experience too.

The BuckleyPanda 12" features 3 buckles that are attached by 3 different styles of ribbon.  The panda itself is super soft and perfect for baby's hands. The panda also includes a bell inside that baby can enjoy when the panda is dropped or shook. Each buckle has a different mechanism to get undone. They are all 'push n' pull', but you have to push in the right spot to get them undone. This could entertain baby for a long time.

The BuckleyPanda is new, and not currently available, however, it will be available in 2 different sizes. 17" and 12". They have other BuckleyBoo's available right now, such as a bear, cat, dog (super cute), bunny, pink kitty (back ordered), text-align: left;">
Where to buy: BuckleyBoo.com
Price: 17" - $29.99
12" - $19.99



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