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December 14, 2011

Continuum Games - Family Talk 2 and Lumps: The Elf Coal Game Review

Continuum Games was formed in 2007 as a privately owned company. Their mission is to bring families together through new and fun game concepts that will entertain game lovers of all ages. When they started, they were just a small game manufacturing company, and now with all their hard work, they have progressed into a full service game publishing company, distributor and consulting firm. They publish their own line of family [award winning] games including educational games, travel games, party games, and more.

Their games make perfect gifts for anyone and what could be better then giving the gift of coal?! Think there's no fun in coal? Think again. Continuum Games is the creator of the one and only Lumps: The Elf Coal Game. This small game is cute; it consists of 8 dice that are shaped differently and colored to look like coal - all placed in a small red stocking that zips closed. The game is perfect for ages 6+ and is suitable for any number of players.

 So how do you play? The whole point in the game is to score the highest points in three rolls. You score points by rolling pairs such as rolling a pair of 3's will get you 3 points, rolling a pair of 10's will get you 10 points, and so on. Each die is numbered differently and some have high numbers. You can take a risk and try getting a higher pair, or stick with what you have and see if you win! 

Another one of their great family games is Family Talk 2. Not only can this game bring lots of fun, but it can also start up conversations and bring the family a lot closer. This game consists of 100 cards that are hooked on a round carabiner clip. Each card includes a question that will get everyone thinking and a great conversation started. The game says it is suitable for people ages 3+, but I believe it is suitable for children of older ages. Some of the questions would be hard for a 3 year old to answer or even understand the question. The cards include questions like, 'Do you think it will be important to know a foreign language in the future?' or 'What do kids know more about than adults?'. Some questions even relate to having a job and how much money you made or your favorite co-worker or boss; even alternative names you considered naming your children. These aren't questions a young child could answer and some are questions that only adults could answer. 

The great thing about this game is that YOU get to choose the card with the question, so you can choose to pick a card that includes a question that a young child would be able to answer. They do have some easy questions as well that are suitable for them, but I still don't think a 3 year old could answer the questions correctly or understand what they are being asked. 

The game is perfect while traveling, while eating (though some people may have a rule about no talking at the dinner table), on vacation, etc. This game also makes a great gift; for the kids, parents, or the whole family! Since the game is just a pack of cards on a carabiner clip, it makes it very portable and can fit easily into many of places. Suitable for 2+ players.

Where to buy: Continuum Games
Price: •Lumps: The Elf Coal Game - $7.99
•Family Talk 2 - $9.99



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