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December 6, 2011

Cool Lunch Bags Review

 Cool Lunch Bags has a huge variety of lunch bags to choose from. They have insulated bags, totes, and boxes. Their lunch sacks are perfect for children and adults and would work perfectly for packing a lunch to take to school, work, a snack on a long trip, or even a picnic. They have several different styles and several prints to choose from.

I was recently able to choose a printed lunch sack and since I am a big fan of leopard print, I ended up going with the
 Leopard Spots Lunch Sack. These Cool Tote Lunch Sacks are the perfect size for children to take a lunch to school in, but I think an adult could fit a decent lunch inside as well, or a few snacks. The sack measures 8x6x4" and each sack includes an 8oz freezer pack that sits in it's own pocket in the sack. If you feel the original cool tote lunch sack may be too small for you, they do offer a 'grande' cool tote sack as well. This sack measures 11x7x4 and it's perfect for large lunches and they say mother's love this sack for baby bottles. Each sack comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. 

 The thing about using lunch totes like these is that you can save trees instead of using brown paper lunch sacks which end up getting thrown in the trash after just one use. The Cool Totes can be reused for a long time and they are even washable! 

Where to buy: coollunchbags.com
or visit www.cooltote.com
Price: Original Lunch Tote - $16.97
Grande Lunch Tote - $19.97



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