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December 12, 2011

HBL Hair Care (Hydrate) Review

HBL Hair Care was developed by Patrick Dockry, who wanted to create a hair care formula that was free of toxic and harmful ingredients. His HBL products are formulated with the highest quality surfactants, which are cleansing agents. The HBL line consists of several products for cleansing the hair, conditioning the hair, and styling the hair. 

Their Hydrating Shampoo will gently cleanse the hair, while making it look beautiful and soft to the touch. Even though the product doesn't have a strong scent, it leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh. Not only does it leave your hair looking beautiful and smelling great, it will also help strengthen and repair hair by thickening and moisturizing hair strands.  The rich formula can also be used as a facial and body wash. The HBL Hydrating Shampoo is perfect for all hair types.

To go with the Hydrating Shampoo, they also have the Hydrating Conditioner. Conditioner plays a very important part in my hair care routine. If I don't condition my hair, it makes it super hard to brush and I lose a lot of hair. Since I have thick, long hair, I have to use a good bit of conditioner; more then what is usually recommended. Because of this, my hair doesn't take long to look oily. I've even used conditioners that leave my hair looking oily right after using them. I don't have to worry about this when I use the Hydrating Conditioner. It protects my hair without leaving it weighed down or greasy looking or feeling. The conditioner also has healthy ingredients such as vitamin A, E, and C. The blend of anti-oxidants will smooth hair strands and help seal it in. Perfect for all hair types.

Along with the shampoo and conditioner, I also received their Hair Masque. I haven't had much experience with hair masques but I do like using them. I love the way the HBL Hair Masque smells; it reminds me of the smell my hair gets after I get my hair done at a salon. I wish my hair always had the smell! The other thing I really like about this masque, is that it comes with a small pick type comb to help apply the masque. You don't have to worry about it all clumping up in one spot or spreading it unevenly. You can use this product with or without heat, it just depends on how much conditioning you want. This product will also work to strengthen and repair your hair. It's perfect for all hair types.

Where to buy: HBL Hair Care
Price: Shampoo - $29.95
Conditioner - $32.95 Masque - $39.95



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