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December 14, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 27

Week 27

So it's really hard for me to believe (I know, I keep saying that!) that tomorrow I will be 7 months along. In the beginning I thought the pregnancy was going really slow, but to think that I am already in my 3rd trimester (or getting there) and hitting 7 months, the times sure has went by fast.

My last OB appt was on December 6th and during that appointment they gave me my bottle of the orange stuff for my glucose test, which will be next week. They told me to come back in 2 weeks, and that's really when it hit me. It's that time that I start having my appointments every 2 weeks and before I know it, I'll be going every week. This pregnancy is almost over, and yet and I am still surprised I am pregnant. I am very excited though. I am excited to be having a boy and can't wait to meet him. He's been moving like crazy the past few days and even think I felt him dancing in there! Last night we were actually playing a game (haha); I pushed a couple times on my side and he was kick a couple times, I would push a couple times back and he would kick back. It lasted a few minutes and it was really cute and I love being able to feel him move around in there.

My pain has gotten much better over the last week, although my lower back and butt bones still hurt really bad sometimes. In fact, yesterday we went to our daughters' holiday assembly and while we were walking back to the car, I got a sharp pain on my right hip bone down into my pelvic bone. I'm not sure what caused it, but it felt like bone rubbing against bone.. every time I took a step, I had a sharp stabbing pain in my hip and pelvic. I couldn't keep walking, so Chris had to get the car and pick me and our daughter Sabrina up. I get that pain anytime I've been walking a while or too fast. This time it probably was because I was walking too fast.. Chris doesn't realize (and I wish he would) that when you're walking with a 3 year old, and almost 7 months pregnant, it's hard to keep up with people walking, especially if the person (or people) you're walking with, are walking fast. He doesn't always understand that if I do try to walk fast and keep up, I start getting these pains and I can't just deal with it and keep going that fast. If I do, I would seriously go down to my knees. I don't think my body (or hips) would allow me to continue.

My next appointment is on or around the 20th. Not exactly sure, I would have to grab my appointment card, but I have to drink the glucose stuff 45 minutes before my appointment. I really wish I would be able to see baby boy again on ultrasound, but I doubt I will. With my other two pregnancies I had 3+ ultrasounds.

I feel baby boy moving right now! and it tickles!

Anyway, more next time. I might write next week after my appointment or wait until I'm 29 weeks. Not sure.



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