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December 16, 2011

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Doll House Playpack Review

Neat-Oh! was founded in 2005 as they wanted to bring innovative products to the toy market to help simplify parents and children's lives. One of the product line they have came out with is the ZipBin. 

The ZipBin started with a 10 year old boy and his mother. The mother loved knowing her son was having fun while playing with his plastic building blocks, but once she heard those blocks crash to the floor, she knew they would have to pick them up and neither of them liked it. The both brought their heads together and came up with the idea of making a toy bin that could unzip to a play mat and when finished, zipped back up to capture any toys. What a great idea!

The ZipBin Doll House Playpack is a great gift to give during the holidays or for a birthday. This product is for children 3+, and shouldn't be given to anyone younger as it contains small parts. The playpack will unzip into a doll house and it even includes a small doll. One of the things that I like about this, is that it can be cleaned up very easily since it has a wipe-clean surface. The colors on the pack are very vibrant and they stand out. The pack seems to be made with great quality, including the zippers.

On the front of the bag are the front doors that open up (once unzipped) to a magical, fun world of great play. Once unzipped the left flap opens up to a swing and window which has a cat sitting inside. The right flap has a dog with a dog house, a tree and some birds and butterflies. When it's completely unzipped, it will open to a doll house that has a pool, living room, kitchen, and more (view image on the left).

The best part, once your child is finished playing, they can close the pack and zip up their toys inside. Makes clean up time much easier for child and parent. Plus, they can wear the pack as a backpack and go. Perfect for traveling, day care, etc.

Where to buy: Neat-Oh!
Price: $19.99



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