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December 28, 2011

Newman's Own Organics Cat Sampler Review

Newman's Own Organics is known for making really great tasting organic snacks and if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that I have posted about some of their products before. I am a big fan of their licorice and I love a lot of their other products.

Since I love a lot of their products I was excited to be given the opportunity to try their cat food. Their cat food is available in wet and dry and their are much healthier for your pet then other pet foods.

Unlike other cat foods, Newman's Own Organics cat foods do not contain artificial colors or dyes, flavors, wheat or corn (which some pets can be allergic to), no chemical additives or artificial preservatives, no antibiotics or steroids (which may affect their immune system), and no poultry by products.

My cats are big eaters. They eat a lot of dry food and want wet food any chance they get. Even though they love eating, they never completely cleared their wet food dishes. When I gave them the Newman's Own Organic wet food, they ate it pretty fast, and cleaned the whole dish. The dishes looked like they were just washed. I was surprised with how well they cleaned their dish. Anytime I opened a can, they knew they sound and they came running. I don't give them much wet food because it makes their poop be extra stinky, but this wet food didn't. I didn't notice a difference from me not giving them wet food, to letting them eat it.

I also liked the dry food better then what we usually buy - it was a lot softer, looked more appealing, and it seems the cats liked it better too. The food we bought before was really dry, cheap and didn't look too appealing. I didn't think of it until I seen this cat food - it just had a better look to it and the feel of it was cold, and seemed to have more moisture in it which made it look more appealing.

Where to buy: Check the Store Locator
Price: around $1.36 per can (wet food)
around $20 for a 4.75 bag (dry food) 



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