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December 13, 2011

Peter Pauper Press - Our Baby's First Album - The First Five Years Review

color: #222222; font-family: Arimo; font-size: 13px; line-height: 18px; text-align: left;">  Peter Pauper Press is my favorite company to visit when I am looking for memory books, stationary, organizers and more. If you have any of my other posts about them, you may know that they are the publishers of my all time favorite baby book. Since I love their baby books so much, I wanted to review another one. Well, not only because I love them very much, but also because I'm expecting a baby boy!

I chose to review 'Our Baby's First Album' - The First Five Years. I chose this baby book because it looked like the best choice for a boy and because it has enough space to write and fill in up to the first five years. Having a baby book that goes up to 5 years is a must for me. If it didn't go up that high, I would not even consider buying it.

There's more about this book that I like besides it going up to 5 years. I also love the fact that it comes in a nice slipcase (thick cardboard box) that will keep the book safe and secure. Another thing I like about it, is that it is binded together with metal spirals, that way the pages are easier to turn and even that makes it easier to write in. The pages may be a little easier to rip out which is the only down side to that, but then you also don't have to worry about the binding coming undone, unlike a book that is thread binded.

Just like many other baby books, this one starts out asking for baby's name, the meaning and origin of the baby's name, nicknames, and other names considered. Then it leads to letting you fill out information about how you found out you were expecting and family history. It gives you space to add photos of the parents-to-be and then the first photo of baby after he/she is born. The only thing that I wish the book had in between this part is a spot for info about the pregnancy. 

After the two spots to add photos, it then starts breaking the book into subjects and each subject is marked with a tab. The subjects include •All About Baby (includes more spots for photos) •The First Year (fill in information for the first 12 months) •One to Two Years •Two to Three Years •Three to Four Years •Four to Five Years •Special Days

In each of these subjects you can fill out information on milestones your child has reached, what your baby can do, personality changes, and any special notes you may want to add. There is also a lot of space to add photos. For each new year you celebrate, you can add how you celebrated baby's birthday, who came to the party, and any gifts received. The Special subject is for information on any family gatherings, vacations/trips, and holidays.

Where to buy: Peter Pauper Press
Price: $29.95



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