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December 13, 2011

Soft Clothing Seamless Underwear Review

 Soft Clothing's Seamless Underwear got my daughter really excited to wear underwear instead of training pants. Even though they are only available in red and blue (solid and striped colors), they are good for girls too. I wish they did come in other colors though.

The seamless underwear are made of 90% organic cotton, 5% nylon, and 5% spandex. These underwear were very comfortable for my daughter and she really liked wearing them. She didn't have to complain about a tag bothering her because there isn't one. They are available in three different sizes:

So what's so great about seamless underwear? Well, to be honest, I wish I had a pair for myself. I have had several pairs of underwear that had their elastic strings snap and they would be uncomfortable and I'd have to throw them away. This can happen to childrens' underwear too. Soft Clothing made sure to take care of this problem by removing the elastic and they have also removed the seams. They made sure to create an underwear that children can feel comfortable wearing. They made sure to use a fabric that will feel comfortable against skin (organic cotton) as well. 

Where to buy: SoftClothing.net
Price: $11 per pair or $30 for a pack of 3



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