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December 12, 2011

Zipz Interchangable Shoes Review

When it comes to shoes, I like to have several pairs. I like my shoes to match outfits or the way I am feeling that day. I like a lot of styles and I don't like wearing the same pair every day. Having tons of shoes can take up a lot of space, and with the limited space we have now, I can't have several pairs of shoes. If you're anything like me, you'll like Zipz shoes. Zipz are interchangeable shoes where you can buy different covers to match your personality and you can get enough to even make it look like you're wearing a different pair of shoes each day of the week!

I had the exciting opportunity to review a pair of Zipz shoes. They have a few different shoes styles to choose from along with several different prints. I'm not one for high tops anymore, and I like my shoes to have laces, so I went with their Adult Lo-Tops.  They have a few prints that I liked but I ended up going with their Ruby Heartz shoes, which are black with pink hearts.

When I first received these shoes, I was excited. I fell in love with them right away and wanted to try them on and wear them that day. I was in a hurry that day and thought I would be able to just untie them and put them on, but it wasn't that easy. They were a little tight so I figured I would have to sit down and unlace them to loosen them up a bit. After I got my daughter off the bus, I took some time to re-lace both shoes to loosen them up. After loosening the shoes, I tried to put them on and they were still pretty tight but I managed to get my feet in. They were a little uncomfortable at first but I figured they needed some breaking in just like any other new shoe. I decided to wear them out for the day and they started to get more comfortable. However, after a couple hours, they started to get uncomfortable again . I believe this has to do with the size of the shoe.

Zipz shoes are sized by mens sizes, which I don't think is a good idea, because mens shoes are sized different then womens. I really confused me at first when I received my shoes because the box said a size 6. I asked for a size 8 in womens. For those who don't know, women wear 2 sizes smaller in mens shoes. So if you wear a size 7 in womens, you wear a size 5 in mens; if you wear a size 8 in womens, you wear a size 6 in mens and so on. Although I received the right size for what I asked for they did not fit like I thought they would. I do not wear a 'wide' shoe, but I felt I needed one in this case.

The shoes were easy to upzip and remove the cover and it was easy to put back on. I even like the detail of the zipper on the shoe; it's different. How many shoes have a zipper around the whole shoe?!

If you're interested in purchasing Zipz shoes, I would suggest getting a size bigger then what you would normally wear (if you're getting womens shoes). You can purchase complete pairs or you buy individual covers.

Where to buy: Zipz Shoes
Price: Adult Lo-Tops - (Varies by print) Ruby Heartz = $54.99
Covers: Adult Lo-Top - (Varies by print) Ruby Heartz = $32.99



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