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April 11, 2012

Bed Time for Toddlers Just Got Easier! (a My Tot Clock Review)


My Tot Clock Logo

My Tot Clock is a great tool for parents and young children. The clock illuminates with 5 different colors that will let your child know what time of the day it is - time to wake up (yellow), time to go to bed (blue), time for a nap (light blue), time for a timeout (red), and encouragement (green).
It makes a great nightlight and even plays music, white noise, and tells a story!

When I came across My Tot Clock I thought it was a really great idea for a product and I wanted to try it out. I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to review it. I envisioned how it would work and how my daughters would react to it. During the weekend they usually wake up pretty early (earlier then the weekdays) and I often tell them it's not time to wake up yet and they need to go back to bed. When I say early, I'm talking like 5 am early!

My Tot Clock Front Views

I found it very easy to set each time (current time, bedtime, wake time, nap duration, discipline duration, and encourage duration). My daughters were really excited about it and they just love they have their own clock now. I'm happy they love it and get excited over it because I am happy with it as well.

It will help my daughters wake up when it's time for school and they will look forward to going to bed just to hear the story or lullabies. It's easier for me now that they know when it's okay to wake up or come out of time out. When I have to put my girls in time out, they ask if they can come out several times before it is time. Letting them know when the red light goes off it's okay to come out, makes things so much easier. I also use the encourage light for clean up time. It works perfectly! It's a big help to our daily schedule.

My Tot Clock Back View

Override buttons that allow you to manually start sleep and wake routines.
Plays bedtime stories, lullabies, fun wake songs and even white noise.
Volume settings are available for wake songs, bedtime stories and lullabies.
Works with AC adapter or on batteries.
Lullabies will shut off automatically after 30 minutes. Option to have White Noise play all night.
Blue light makes a great night light - with 5 levels of illumination.
Handle perfect for little hands.

You can purchase extra faceplates to match your child's personality. You can also purchase extra Tot Clock Treasures cartridges. Each cartridge includes a story, 5 lullabies, a fun wake song and white noise.

Purchase it!
Price: $49.99


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