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May 26, 2013

I am so stressed and I'm about to lose it!

I have been wanting to get this blogging stuff up and running again but since my move, it seems like I don't get much time for myself.. Especially now.

My son has been crankier then ever and its unbelievable. Seriously. I can't stand up without him crying. When I do, he is right there grabbing on my legs with every step. He will scream from the top of his lungs and cry. It's not just any scream or cry though.. It gets very high pitched at times and gives you the feeling of wanting to rip your head off (sorry, a little venting there).

I didn't understand why he was acting this way. I checked his gums a couple times but didn't see anything but I didn't get a good look either.  I checked again today after he was having a terror scream episode and I just so happened that I found the problem. He is in fact cutting teeth. He is getting his bottom canine and bottom molar. The molar is on time but the canine is coming pretty early. It said 17-23 months for that one. I shouldn't be surprised though.. He got most of his teeth early. The canine tooth is just poking out of the gum.. I can definitely feel it and I can see the tip. I can also feel the molar.. It's sticking out right above the gum.

I've been giving him infant Tylenol and it seems to work a little .. sometimes that is. I really hope this calms down soon. Neither of my girls were like this while teething. This is just absolute terror screaming.

What makes it even worse is that I'm in a new place. My neighbors are going to hate me already! Beings that we don't have any furniture yet, the sounds of the scream just bounces off the walls and echoes.

I really don't know how much more I can take. Oh who am I kidding... I will get through this. I have the best boyfriend in the world that helps out, along with the best brother.

Take care all and please, please stay with me! I have posts coming up along with some great giveaways.


Zabrina Caldwell said...

You'll make it! Hang in there, I am having trouble with my blog for about the last year because I acquired a couple foster kiddos. It is so hard, especially since my 2 are special needs as well as the new ones. We only have the one lil girl left, she is to be going back with mom before the end of summer. She has needed so much help, while my fiancee is a great guy, and the kiddos were his niece and nephew, he just doesn't have the patience. It is very hard to keep up when things change like that. Stay positive and I hope to see you posting again soon! Take Care!

Danielle Schmidt said...

Thanks so much! It's very nice to see that you still read my blog! Haha. Now that I'm moved into my own place, have a new laptop (my kids spilled a can of pepsi on my other one and it was useless), I will be doing a lot more posting. Even though my Alexa Rank has skyrocketed, companies are still willing to help me out with product to review. So thankful for them. So I have great reviews AND giveaways coming up!!

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