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June 5, 2013

Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter

This review was originally posted a couple years ago here on A Delicious Obsession - I found it in the web archives and decided to post it as today since summer is right around the corner!

Ice Pop Joy is a great ice pop recipe book. It's written by Anni Daulter, who is an eco-mama, professional cook, advocate of sustainable living, and author. 

Summer is getting near so I think this book would be a big hit in many of homes. This book includes tons of recipes for healthy ice pops. There were quite a few recipes that I actually surprised to see made into an ice pop. There are a quite a few that I thought were very creative and sounded so delicious. 

One in particular I thought was a really great idea. It's called the Sore Throat Soother.
It uses a mixture of chamomile tea, honey, and water.

Chamomile tea is well known for having soothing qualities. It's also good for babies with colic (but please remember it's not safe to give honey to a child under the age of one.), heals a sore throat, and is relaxing.

My kids will not eat their veggies when it comes to dinner time. I am not sure why. My oldest daughter Audrey has asked for raw carrots before and has ate an entire one by herself. But, neither of them will eat them at dinner time. Honestly, it's hard to get them to eat at all. It's really hard to think about if you're child is getting enough to eat or eating enough of the right foods. 

Ice Pop Joy includes recipes that use veggies mixed with fruit and other ingredients to create healthy yet still delicious ice pops. You can make them for your child, making sure they get a full serving of veggies and they would never know it. A lot of people would say to keep the fact that veggies are in the ice pop hidden, that's what I have thought too; but Anni suggests you don't hide whats in the ice pops. When I think about it, I can see why. If your child eats an ice pop with veggies, and they think it's delicious, maybe it would encourage them to eat plain veggies. She also suggests that you ask for their suggestions on creating a signature 'veggie' pop that you can name after them and have your children be active in choosing ingredients for your pops.

The type of ice pops are separated by sections. The first section are Pure Fruit Pops. If you're wanting to use fresh and organic fruits, that is great! Anni likes to support local farmers so she tries to shop at farmers markets or co-op stores. The next section is the Veggie Pops. Anni says it's best to choose varieties that are in season and fresh. If you buy fresh, she also says to not wash them before storing; veggies stored in the refrigerator  have increased bacterial growth opportunities. The book has other tips as well.
Next section are Yogurt Pops. Anni explains how some organic yogurts contain high levels of sugar so she wrote the idea of pureeing fresh fruits and mixing it in plain yogurt.

There are even recipes for Tofu Pops, Herbal Tea Pops, Chocolate Pops, and Specialty Pops. Since the Specialty Pops are special, I'll leave them a secret! 

Need pop molds? Check out these sites.
www.thetickletrunk.com < Anni's favorite!

You can also check out Anni's site -

On her site you can find info on her first book, a list of her favorite bloggers and online stores. She also offers recipes, tips on green and sustainable living, natural crafting projects, and much more.



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