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June 3, 2013

Sweet Tooths Welcome! Candy Galaxy Review

It's always pretty awesome when I get to try new candy - it's one of my favorite things. I don't eat candy on regular basis, but I like to always keep some hard candy in my bag at all times just in case I need a quick treat, change of taste, or something to help cure a dry mouth. 

If you're a candy fanatic, then you'll definitely be like "a kid in a candy store"  when you visit Candy Galaxy. They have so many different type of candy to choose from and I bet it would be hard to choose just one. You can shop by candy color, candy brand, type of candy, and even by occasion. They even have some of the candies you (if you're in your mid 20's or older) might remember as a kid - Candy Buttons, Necco Wafers, Cow Tails, NiK-L-NiPs, and more! Do any of those bring back memories?

Who doesn't like having a basic, sweet lollipop to suck on? My favorite lollipops as a kid were the big swirly ones - there was no question as to why I was super happy with the yellow and orange petite Squiggly Pops I received for my review.

Last week, my fiancee was wanting some hard candy to cure his dry mouth and with him bringing up hard candy; it instantly made these lollipops come to mind. I grabbed the bag and told him to try one. He got happy and excited about there being orange pops. He wondered if they would taste like orange cream - he really likes that flavor. There was no doubt he was going to try that one first. He said that it did taste like orange cream and he really liked it. He eventually broke the stick off because he would rather be able to keep the whole thing in his mouth and suck on it like an average small piece of hard candy (these lollipops aren't very big; maybe the size of a silver dollar). He liked them so much that he had another right after he finished the first. While in the middle of his second orange Squiggly, he decided to try the yellow. He took one taste and spit it out; he didn't like the taste all and honestly, he said it had a taste that reminded him of dish soap. Because of his odd description of the lollipop, I decided to try the yellow for myself. What I first tasted wasn't so bad so I just decided it was okay and continued to suck on it. Within a couple minutes, it started giving off a different flavor and the first thing I thought of was that it tasted like bubbles. I honestly do not understand how we both agree on a "bubbly" flavor, but we did. I chose not to finish the yellow lollipop and decided I would let my girls see what they thought about them. Since kids pretty much like all kinds of candy it wasn't a surprise to me when they said they liked them.

You can purchase a 48 count of these interesting/yummy Squiggly Pops for $11.49 at Candy Galaxy.

The other delicious treat I got to review is actually another one of my favorites (actually, I know it's a lot of people's favorite) - yellow and orange Gummy Bears!

The Ornery Orange and Mighty Mango Gummy Bears were the first thing to go. I absolutely love gummy bears so I had to dig and try these brightly colored treats. I could smell them even before I got them out of the bag and let me tell you, they smelled so good; it was a sweet, fruity smell. I did notice that one color (the yellow) had a stronger smell then the other; stronger the better. If these tasted anything how they smelled, they were going to be amazingly delicious! After a few minutes of indulging over the scent, I just couldn't take not knowing the taste. I dug in and grabbed a small handful of each color and popped a few in my mouth. chew. chew. chew.\  As I was hoping, they were super delicious.  Although I was in heaven while eating these, I thought I'd be nice and share with my kids - after all, they love gummy bears too. Of course they approved as well, even little Christopher! *I had no idea until writing this review that the yellow gummy bears are mango flavored.*

You can purchase these bright colored tasty bears for $2.99 a pound at Candy Galaxy.

If you are interested in purchasing from Candy Galaxy, I'm sure you'd like to know that they ship using Flat Rate Shipping - $7.99! They also offer 24 hour support 7 days a week; what candy company does that?! If you wanna go big, no worries, you can buy bulk! 

If you're a candy addict and have a Facebook account, don't forget to become of fan of Candy Galaxy! Are you really into the social networking? How about following them on Twitter too!


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yum yum..so cool

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