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July 22, 2013

4 Ways To Help Your Toddler Sleep Through The Night

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Convincing a toddler to go to bed and stay in bed is very challenging. Bedtime can become a struggle with parents asserting their authority over their kids, and their children fighting them every inch of the way. But such scenarios can be changed. If you're a parent, the tips below might help you solve your problems.

1. Help your child to develop a positive attitude about sleeping.
A lot of kids don't like being told to go to sleep because they are just so busy with so many things. There are television shows, toys, food, and anything that catches their attention. If you yank your child away from whatever it is that he is doing and then tell him that it is bedtime, chances are that you will be met with resistance. The best thing in such circumstances is to give him a warning first. Tell him that he has five more minutes to play, and then he needs to prepare for bed. This will give him time to adjust his mindset.

2. Develop a nightly habit.
Toddlers are at a stage in their lives wherein rituals or regular practices give them a sense of security. As a parent, you can capitalize on this by developing a bedtime ritual that will help your child to realize that the time for sleep is near. So, thirty minutes before your child needs to be in bed, you have to start with your ritual. This could include brushing the teeth, taking a short bath, changing into pajamas, and having a glass or bottle of milk. Once your baby is tucked in, read him his favorite bedtime story too.
3. Calm his imagination.
Children have very active imaginations. After you've tucked them in bed, they'll complain about all sorts of things. You must have heard your child whine about a monster under his bed or some other scary entity. There are several ways to address such issues. Put a nightlight or open the door to his bedroom a little bit so that the hallway light will illuminate his room. If your baby is very frightened of shadows, you can assuage his fears by talking about the many interesting shapes that shadows create and explaining to him that those aren't monsters. But there might also be times when more creative solutions are needed. You might need to spray magic potions (water) underneath his bed or inside his closet in order to "kill" the monster.
4. Be firm.
Yes, it's easy to succumb once your baby whines "Mommy..." or "Daddy..." There are, however, times when you should give in and times when you shouldn't. After you have tucked your child in, a short story, a kiss and a cuddle are perfectly fine. After you leave his room, the first time that he whimpers your name, you could check up on him again and kiss him, but no more cuddle. The second or third time that he calls you, be firm. No more kiss or cuddle. Just firmly tell him, "good night." If he gets out of bed and follows you, take him back to bed, tuck him in again, and tell him "good night" in a more firm manner.
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Sarah Hayes said...

great tips. My toddler is finally sleeping through the night it just takes her a long time to fall asleep. I need to get better about having our nightly routine

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