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July 22, 2013

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

It’s midsummer and all of those summer activities you had planned for your kids have come and gone − now what? All too often, kids end up sitting in the cool air conditioning watching television all day rather than doing something productive while out and about. Summertime is all about keeping busy, especially for kids, as they need to stay focused and on their feet even during those hot relaxing months after school is out. From summer learning to baseball camp, it's important to keep kids active, both mentally and physically. Whether you introduce your kids to their own family book club or offer up some swimming lessons at the local swim club or lake to keep them active, there are a variety of things you can plan to keep your kids busy this summer.
Arts and Crafts
Have your kids get in touch with their creativity through some fun arts and crafts projects this summer. From paint-by-numbers for the youngins' to Pinterest crafts for the older ones, arts and crafts don't include simply crayons and a coloring book. Turn fun doodles into dinnerware with some sharpies, white dinnerware, and an oven. There are plenty of projects out there to participate in with your children this summer to keep them (and you) busy.

Scavenger Hunt
Create your own scavenger hunt in your own backyard, the local park, or even the mall on those super hot days. This is a fun way for the kids to work together, have fun, and stay active during the summer.
Book Club
Start a family book club that offers something for every child’s age level to keep up on summer learning. A book club is a great way to keep your kids’ brains working in the summer and to increase their reading level even without school. Keep the family motivated by offering family reading nights where everyone takes turns reading out loud and have everyone suggest and vote on what books should be on the list.
Hit the Beach
No summer is complete without a little dip in the water, so whether you live close to the ocean, a lake, or even a community pool, take advantage of the cool water during the hot weather. Nothing says summer like a day spent at the pool − just be sure to lather on the sunscreen to prevent sunburn later on!
Educational Television/Movies
Sometimes it’s just too hot to spend time outdoors, and you need to relax indoors with the AC on blast. Invest in a Netflix subscription, which offers a large collection of educational television shows and movies for kids on topics like how things are made, history, and more.
Keeping your children busy during the summer may sound like a tough feat, but there are a variety of activities available to keep your kids active, both mentally and physically. From arts and crafts, to a book club, to making your own scavenger hunt, some of these may take a little creativity − but is worth it for the bonding experience between you and your children in the end.
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Cheryl is an elementary school teacher who likes to give advice to parents by counseling and writing about any new developments that she finds.


Sarah Hayes said...

these are great ideas. I will use them with my little one. I cant wait to be able to do more crafts with her

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