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July 22, 2013

7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained On A Plane

Photo by: Mike Miley

Holidays are very exciting. It’s a great chance to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and spend some quality time with your family. However, travelling can often be challenging if you have children, especially on a long haul flight when you’re all crammed into a tiny space. To prevent any screaming little ‘uns, we’ve come up with some fun ideas to keep them entertained the whole way – but it doesn’t hurt to hope that they sleep the whole way either!
Plan Your Flight
Don’t try and wing it (excuse the pun) with your children – you need to climb on-board with a clear idea of how to fill the time. Try planning the flight in twenty minute slots and mixing up the range of activities. Your children are then less likely to get bored and you can combat any crying or bad behaviour by moving their attention onto the next thing.

Colouring Books
This will definitely keep your kids quiet as they battle to keep their colouring within the lines. Choose a book that has other activities in too to keep them engaged, like dot to dot puzzles or mazes. Pencil crayons will probably be tidier than felt tips and you don’t have to worry about children drawing on faces on the plane, their face or your face. Stock up before you get to the airport to save a hefty chunk of cash!
Read To Your Children
For little ones who aren’t independent readers yet, do a dramatic reading of their favourite stories. Using picture books will grab their attention and allow them to engage further with the story. They might even think it’s a bedtime story and fall asleep!
Word Games
The best activities are always the free ones and this is no exception. Go through the alphabet naming animals, countries or names that begin with each letter. Once you’ve run out of these things, you can play the classic ‘Twenty Questions’, where you think of an object and the others must ask questions to figure out what you are.
Invest In A Portable DVD Player
Long haul flights usually have on-screen entertainment for all the family. If your plane doesn’t have films showing on its own TV screens, it might be a wise idea to bring a portable DVD player. Bring a selection of their favourite movies along, plug in their headphones and leave them to it!
Toys And Snacks
Pack a selection of your children’s favourite toys and snacks to produce intermittently during the flight. New things will help to keep them entertained and you’ll prevent any grizzling due to hunger. Food that takes a long time to eat such as fiddly raisins will help keep them focused for longer. These can be used for bargaining as well if your children start to misbehave!
Teach Them About Your Destination
Research the country or city that you’re travelling to and teach your children about the culture or the top tourist spots. You could even test out your language skills by showing them how to say hello and goodbye in a foreign language. For even more information, print off a map of the country and show the kids exactly where you’re heading to – this is a great way to introduce them to travel!
These activities for kids are all designed with ease in mind to maintain the peace and quiet whilst travelling. We can’t promise excellent behaviour but you can always try!
How do you keep your children entertained on flights? Share your ideas in the comments below.
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Sarah McLaughlin is a writer who likes to keep busy, whether she’s at home or travelling around the country. She writes for School Stickers


Sarah Hayes said...

these are great ideas. snacks would be essential for us. I really hope I dont have to fly with my little one any time soon but now I'll be prepared!

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