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July 15, 2013

9 Simple Tips To Help Prep For Pregnancy

If you've decided that you want to have a baby, it's important to start researching ways to care for your health before you become pregnant. When you plan ahead, you can get your mind and body ready for one of the most significant experiences of your life. Remember that to have a successful pregnancy, you need to be as relaxed as possible, so it's important not to be too hard on yourself if you're not able to complete all the tasks associated with pregnancy preparation. What's most essential is that you and your baby are healthy and happy. Here are some steps to keep in mind as you prepare to become a mother.

1. Start preparing about three months before you want to become pregnant: Visit the doctor to get a physical, and make an appointment with your OBGYN to get a PAP smear to ensure that you don't have any health problems that could interfere with conception or carrying the baby full-term. Ask your physician about the best method for getting off birth control so that your body will respond favorably.

2. Take a look at any medications you're taking: Make sure that all the medicines you're prescribed are safe for pregnant women. Talk to your doctor about all your prescriptions to decide whether you should wean yourself off of them before you become pregnant.

3. Make and dentist appointment: Your dental health is essential to a successful pregnancy. Getting a checkup will let you know if you have gingivitis or other gum diseases, as these conditions can cause low birth weight and premature delivery. If you need major dental work, it's best to take care of this before you get pregnant, since you'll likely need lots of painkillers after the procedure.

4. As much as possible, live a stress-free life: Keeping your stress levels low will assist your body to work at optimum levels, which will make both conception and pregnancy easier. Lowering your stress can balance your hormones and make for a more comfortable pregnancy.

5. Start working out if you don't already: Your body needs to be in its best shape for a health pregnancy. A regular exercise program can increase your chances of pregnancy as well. When your body becomes accustomed to exercising, you'll be more likely to continue working out throughout your pregnancy, which can make it easier to drop the baby weight.

6. Cut out harmful habits: Obviously, you've got to stop smoking and drinking if you want to become pregnant. Alcohol is very harmful to a fetus, and can inhibit your chances of conceiving. Smoking is extremely dangerous as well, and can result in delivering a preterm baby, as well as birth defects.

7. Adopt a healthy diet: When you eat well, your unborn baby is eating well, too. While you may have cravings for junk food during your pregnancy, eating a balanced diet full of fiber, folic acid, and iron is very important. The sooner you start eating well, the less likely you'll be to eat sugary, fatty foods while you're pregnant.

8. Pay attention to your weight: If you're overweight or underweight, you could be jeopardizing your chances of becoming pregnant. Talk to your doctor or a dietician about ways to get to your ideal weight before you conceive. This increases the likelihood that you'll be able to carry your baby full-term and that your baby will be delivered at a healthy weight.

9. Have a conversation with your mate: Having a baby will definitely change the dynamic of your relationship with your partner. Talk to your significant other about these inevitable changes, and discuss the roles that both of you will feel comfortable taking on when it comes to caring for your new baby. Reiterate that having a baby will mean less quality time for the two of you, especially during the first few months of the baby's arrival. However if you're both prepared for this, expanding your family will be the beautiful and life-changing experience it is meant to be.

These are just some of the things you can do to make your pregnancy a great experience. Continue checking in with your doctor and leaning on your mate for support to make your pregnancy a successful one.

Rita Casey is a mom of 2 boys, 1 and 3, and loves sharing her experience of raising them with the world. She recommends learning more about how pregnancy compression clothing can help by visiting rupreggers.com.


Rubyblood said...

I cannot imagine being pregnant but I bet this list would make things easier.

Mama to 4 said...

Great tips, I just had a baby 2 months ago - very helpful advice!

Alaina Bullock said...

Great tips! Trying to get pregnant now, so doing whatever it takes!

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