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July 22, 2013

Accommodating For A Growing Family

A growing family can often feel like a wonderful gift and a burden which can have a dramatic effect on your financial situation. In these economic times, having a child is something which you must prepare financially for before you even take the step towards becoming a parent. A vital consideration which should be made is how to create extra space for this new family member in your family home.
The current financial climate is making it difficult for families to move home to accommodate for their growing family units. Therefore parents are often forced to create multi-purpose rooms or even get older siblings to room share when a new child is born. This can cause family issues and sometimes will greatly reduce the available and usable space that you have in your home.
This blog will explore the benefits of building an extension to accommodate a growing family to understand how this extra space can ease the birth of a new family member.

The Cheaper Alternative to Moving

Many parents are finding that their financial situation is stopping them from moving to a bigger family home to accommodate for a newborn child. However, there is a cheaper alternative to moving homes whilst still gaining that valuable space that you require. The easiest way to increase the size of your property is to build an extension which adjoins to your home. Depending upon the size, shape and materials of your extension, you can construct a space for a fair price which can increase the parameter of your home to accommodate for another family member.
Although a property extension is still a big investment to make, it is a much cheaper alternative to moving home. What’s more, creating a new space and increasing the size of your property should increase the overall value of your home.

The Many Faces of Extensions

When designing an extension you will obviously need to consider how you intend to use the space. Depending on its position and its exposure to the elements, you may not want to set this newly constructed space up as a nursery or bedroom for your newborn child. Interestingly, home extensions can be built to accommodate most standard room designs and this means that you could move the interior of one of your other rooms to this space, freeing up other rooms within the property. For example, you could move the dining room, living room or an older sibling’s bedroom into this space which then leaves you to use the original room to create a nursery which is closer to your own bedroom.

A Home for Granny

Family units don’t just grow because of the birth of a child; some grow because an older family member needs to move into the family home to be cared for. Interestingly, this can be a sensible alternative to paying for a room in a care home and can ultimately make financial sense if you can cope with caring for an older family member.
An extension is again a great investment when it comes to making space for an older relative. By constructing a new space which adjoins to the family home, you can provide them with their own personal space whilst you are close enough to care and provide for them.
Overall, financial pressures often make it hard for growing families to find the space that they need to accommodate for additional family members. Yet a home extension can make financial sense as it is a cheaper alternative to moving home. What’s more this space can be designed and tailored to suit your needs, allowing you to create a nursery for your newborn or a private space for an older relative.
Katie Latchford is a writer who believes that a property extension is a great investment when considering how to accommodate for a growing family. When designing home extensions, Manchester experts recommend understanding how you intend to use the space before you begin construction.


Sarah Hayes said...

Our family has grown in the last few years with the addition of a Little one and my grandmother moving in. We've had to make some changing but we've accommodated nicely

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