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July 28, 2013

Helpful Tips After Relationship Breakup

Red Broken HeartThe Breakup
Getting help after a relationship breakup is essential. Almost every single human being over the face of the Earth has gone through a relationship breakup at some point in their lives. Yes, and almost all of the people have thought they were not going to survive without their partner, but guess what? They did! They all not only survived the breakup, but they learned from the experience and moved on.

What makes some people recover from a breakup faster and better than others?
Their mind-set! That’s all!
Here are a few tips that will help after a relationship breakup:
First of all, whatever you do, don’t stay at home alone!
Don’t stay in bed crying and feeling sorry for yourself, don’t spend the weekends on the coach watching TV and eating junk food, it will only make you feel much worst.
Don’t try to avoid the pain or “loneliness” by rushing to another relationship, it is not the solution. You may feel “better” for moments, but the pain could get worst. Besides, it would not be fair to the other person, you wouldn’t like a guy doing it to you, right?

Take advantage of the experience and analyze what went wrong. It is a good opportunity to learn a little more about yourself. Was it a bad selection? Was there a conflict in your values and goals? Were you ready for a relationship? Just don’t indulge in the pain.
Get up, pamper yourself, take nice baths with beautiful music, take care of your look more than ever. If you can, go to a nice spa with a friend, or go to a beauty salon or go shopping (even if it is only window-shopping), whatever helps you feel better, do it!
Even if you don’t feel at all like going out, force yourself, you must get up and go out. Be around your friends, you need them; they can also introduce you to new friends. Being around people will keep your focus away of the issue, which is always good while it heals.
If you are just getting out of a relationship, you will probably have some more free time than you normally have. Take advantage and do any of all those things you always dream of doing but regret you don’t have the time.

Start exercising, join a sport group or club, sign up for a book club, dance lessons, paint, sing…… enjoy the freedom you have to do what you’ve always wanted to do.
You will see that being on your own is not always bad, enjoy being with yourself, it is fun!
The sooner you start feeling better and happier, the sooner you will start having more opportunities to get to know more people who would like to know you better and spend more time with you. Your joy will inevitably attract!

The above tips are a good help after a relationship breakup. Hopefully you won’t need them anymore since you are in your way for the amazing relationship you have always dreamed about.
Jason is a relationship expert from the UK and owner of TW-dating


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