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July 24, 2013

HipHopBling.com - The Original Hip Hop Jewelry Store Review

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Jewelry always makes a great gift; for anyone. I love jewelry and I love it even more when it sparkles. Even though I love jewelry, I don't shop for it often and I actually don't even own very many pieces. When I came across HipHopBling.com and saw how affordable their jewelry was, I got excited and I spent well over an hour looking at everything they have. Hey, who says a girl can't love bling?!

There were so many pieces that I loved and would have bought them in a heart beat if I had the cash to spend on it. I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to pick something out for a review. It was a hard decision but I marked down a few of my favorites and I ended up getting the 2 Row Pink Bling Bling Bracelet

Photo Credit: HipHopBling.com

Isn't this just absolutely beautiful? Even though I'm not a huge fan of pink, it still got to me and I fell in love with it.

When someone is shopping for jewelry and they come across cheap, affordable pieces, I'm sure they question the quality of these pieces. HipHopBling.com has quite a few items that are quite expensive but the majority of their pieces are priced pretty low. Because of the low prices, I questioned the quality. I wasn't sure what to expect when I received the package.

I was actually quite impressed with how well it was made and that it had some good weight to it. I definitely was not expecting it to be as heavy as it was. The only that I didn't like about it was that you can't adjust the clasp. It didn't fit the way I'd like it to. 

The retail price of this bracelet is $49.95 but you can get it for $12.95 at HipHopBling.com. This bracelet is definitely worth paying $12.95. It's very good quality, beautiful, eye-catching, and definitely blingy!

HipHopBling.com carries jewelry for men as well. They sell grillz, watches, dogtags, and more.

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