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July 30, 2013

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained On A Rainy Day

Image by:David Wright
We all know that being bored is boring. No matter what age you are, when the weather's keeping you indoors it seems like the day will drag on forever.
For parents this can be an utter nightmare of screaming tantrums so here are a few ways to keep the whole family entertained.
The ideas are designed to be fun and educational by relating to national days of celebration from around the world.

World Environment Day
Teach your kids how to save the world! Encourage them to be environmentally friendly by organising a game where they have to decide which household products are recyclable and which are more harmful. Get them to make something out of the items you have left, such as by turning plastic bottles into a super spaceship.

International Surfing Day
Grab those boards and wriggle into your wetsuits for some surfing! Design your own surfboards out of any spare cardboard lying around the house and let your kids decorate until their hearts are content. (Warning: probably not suitable for actual surfing.) This is a great chance to teach your children about safety on the beach too.

National Day Of The Cowboy
Each year America celebrates the much-loved figure of the cowboy - and you should too. Get your family involved by whipping out the dressing up box, pretending to gallop on horses and watching old Western movies. Give a prize to the best cowboy accent and practise your (pretend) shoot-out in the living room.

European Day Of Languages
Bonjour! Revive those long-forgotten foreign phrases you learnt at school and teach them to your children. For those of you feeling rusty with your French or wobbly with your Spanish, look up some resources online that might help you out. You could even ask your children to help you cook a national dish from the country you’ve been learning about.

Global Handwashing Day
Research has shown that teaching younger children the importance of handwashing from an early age can reduce their risk of illness. Buy some large cheap bars of soap and use quirky pastry cutters to shape them into personalised hygiene machines. You could also use this as a sneaky way to get the family pet cleaned!

National Poetry Day
Even if you have zero interest in poetry, find out a few simple examples online to share with your children. Get them writing their own – start with acrostic poems before moving onto rhyming couplets. You may be parent to the next Shakespeare and they’ll improve their understanding of English in the process so it’s definitely worth a try.

World Post Day
Technology rules so much of our lives nowadays that it’s easy to neglect the old-fashioned postal system. Supply your children with illustrated stationery and get them writing letters to family members or their friends. Alternatively, make up your own letters “written by” children’s cartoon characters and get your children to guess who penned the mystery mail.

World Vegetarian Day
Cooking is fantastic to do with the children as they love hands-on activity and can feel proud of the end result. Play a game with your kids to see if they know what vegetarians can and can’t eat before cooking up a delicious meat-free recipe!
Hopefully, these summer activities for children will restore your sanity and welcome peace into your home once more. They’re each designed to teach your children about a new aspect of life and to get everyone spending more time together. You never know, they could be inspired to become a poet, a cowboy or even a vegetarian!
What national days do you get involved with in your house? Share in the comments.
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Sarah McLaughlin is an activity-loving blogger with a passion for learning about cultural celebrations and national days. 


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