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July 10, 2013

Alexa Ranking - Is It Really Accurate?

For many bloggers and website owners, having a good Alexa Rank is very important. The Alexa Rank tells advertisers, companies, and other individuals the amount of traffic a site gets from Alexa Toolbar users. It doesn't sound very promising or accurate, but believe it or not, it is the most common ranking system worldwide.

If you own a website and offer advertising space or if you're a PR friendly blogger (like myself), you'll definitely want your Alexa Rank to be low (low as in the smaller the number the better). For new website owners it may be quite difficult to lower their Alexa Rank beings that they won't have many readers, pages indexed in search engines, or other websites linking back to them. However, it is much easier to lower your Alexa Rank when it's ranked high already (high = 1 million +) compared to lowering it from 60k or less.

Alexa only counts traffic  from web surfers who have the Alexa Toolbar installed into their browser. This is why it is not 100% accurate.

  • The lower your ranking is, the better. The ranking numbers mark where your site ranks among other sites worldwide and in the country you live in. Facebook ranks #1, Google is #2, etc. 
  • In order for your Alexa Rank to drop, you need to have visitors that have the Alexa Toolbar installed. 
  • Along with showing you how well you rank among other sites, Alexa also shows pageviews, bounce rate, keywords and more. 
  • By using the Alexa Toolbar, you are providing Alexa with information about how popular (or unpopular) websites are, how the web is used; while you get the benefits of seeing how popular a page is, you can find new sites that are similar to ones you visit, write reviews on sites you love or dislike, and more.
So you've got a site and you want to lower your Alexa Rank.. you'll do a lot of researching and find many sites and other blogs with posts just like this one. The most important thing about this whole ranking that I feel people don't make clear enough is that readers must have the toolbar installed or click on an Alexa Button located on a website in order to contribute to the lowering rank of websites.

My site no longer has a "good" Alexa Ranking because when I moved cross country back in March, I was away from my site for a while, and lost a good amount of good traffic. Now that I am back to blogging, I have been focused on trying to get it back down. I did a lot of researching myself and found myself here, writing up this post. Although, I did manage to get my ranking to drop a good amount since coming back.

Tips on lowering your Alexa Rank
  1. Encourage your readers, friends, and family to install the Alexa Toolbar
  2. Sign up for an Alexa account and claim your site.
  3. Post good quality content that will attract visitors.
  4. Post often (posting once every couple weeks is not good enough).
  5. Ask readers, friends, or family to write a review for your site on Alexa.
  6. Install the Alexa widget on your site.
  7. Having good backlinks to your site work as well.
I've seen these tips throughout hundreds of blogs so it won't surprise me if you have as well.

I would not rely on Alexa for actual site traffic stats. You're better off using Google Analytics or something similar. 

Well, let's see how well this lowering of the rank goes! =D


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