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July 23, 2013

My Ring Pop Review & Giveaway

I'm pretty sure we all know the highly popular, fruity flavored, wearable lollipops that come in the shape of a ring. They've been around since the late 70's and are still a favorite to many kids today. If Ring Pops were a favorite in your childhood, then you may be happy (and a bit shocked) to hear that Ring Pop has come out with a new twist on this famous candy. I'd like to introduce you to My Ring Pop!

At MyRingPop.com you can now customize Ring Pops for your celebrations or special occasions. You can get your favorite flavors and bring them to the spotlight of your celebration. It's a quick and easy process - you just choose the wrapper that best suits your occasion; whether it be a birthday, graduation, wedding, etc., add a short message, and choose your favorite classic Ring Pop flavor. Simple right!?

My Ring Pop process screen shot

You can pick your choice of font (out of 3) and size the text just the way you want it. You can even add a hashtag if you have one planned for your event. Let MyRingPop.com know when your event date is and they might contact you to see if you'd like to share your photos (it's optional)! The available flavors to choose from are strawberry, watermelon, cherry, and blue raspberry.

The minimum order is 25 ($62.25), which may be a disappointment to those who wish to order for smaller occasions, such as a child's class party. The max amount that can be ordered is 500, which is good for companies. 

I believe My Ring Pops could be a hit and could even get your guests talking. Bring back your childhood favorite, or bring the kids' of today something they have come to love just as much as the rest of us!

My Ring Pop has offered one of my readers a fabulous Ring Pop Sampler (will include 2 generic My Ring Pops, a few My Ring Pop Gummies, and regular Ring Pops). 

Giveaway Details
Giveaway starts 7/24/13 and will run till 8/6/13.
Open to residents 18+ and living within the US (50 states). 
Winner must be able to provide a physical address (sorry, no P.O. boxes).

Don't want to wait? Head on over to MyRingPop.com and place an order now!

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