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July 10, 2013

Food Prepping Just Got Easier, Cleaner and Faster with the PerfectChop [Review]

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How many times have you used your cutting board for cutting meat and the juice spills, making a mess all over the counter? Or how many times have you had to get rid of excess juice while cutting just so you don't cause a big mess? This has happened to me several times and honestly, I hate cutting meat because of that. 

Most cutting boards are not made to hold any liquid; they are just made for cutting. However, I have seen a few that have dipped edges around the board so the juices would stay in this specific area while cutting. I used to have one of these and they didn't always work so well. The juices would collect in the dips and eventually it would overflow while I'm still cutting, making a mess.

I recently came across a product that solved these problems for me - it's called the PerfectChop.

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The PerfectChop is not your ordinary cutting board; this cutting board will make food prepping easier, cleaner, and faster. Here's how:
  • Juices quickly drain into the basin that will hold up to 2 cups liquid
  • It's Reversible - after using one side of the cutting board, lift up the board from the basin, flip over, and replace. This will save you time when you're needing to chop multiple items since you won't have to stop to wash the board. 
  • Has a non-slip base
  • It won't dull knives
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch, stain, and odor resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
PerfectChop Personal Photo 2

This cutting board has become a favorite in my kitchen. It's much easier to chop food without the board sliding around on the counter, or having to stop chopping to empty juices or wash the cutting board. I love the fact that it can hold 2 cups of liquid and has a reversible board. I'm not quite sure what they mean by being "scratch resistant" because knives still leave cut marks. It hasn't made any of my knives noticeably dull, but that doesn't mean it really won't. I've used the cutting board over 10 times over a 3 week period and my knives are still as sharp as before.

There hasn't been any staining as of yet either. Each side of the board is still as white as before. They clean very easily; I haven't had to do any excessive scrubbing. 

It has saved me time with food chopping and has definitely made my job easier. 

You can purchase a PerfectChop for $19.95 and get the 2nd free. Plus, if you order now you'll get bonus gifts such as 2 PerfectChop Chef's Knives. It's a pretty good deal for 2 PerfectChop cutting boards and 2 PerfectChop Chef's Knives. 


Helena Lemon said...

Wow! Do you order these online? I I like those feature! Thanks for the review!

Alaina Bullock said...

I just got one of these and cannot wait to try it out!

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