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July 29, 2013

Photo of the Week Challenge #1 - "Special Mama Moment" #photoadayMM

I decided to join a blog game! Check it out! 
I'm a little behind - I believe week 2 is about to start!
 Mommy Mentionables

It was a very hard choice to pick which photo I wanted to use but I had to go with...

Holding my first born the day she came home! This was taken May 14th 2006.

My daughter Audrey Cassandra.
7lbs 14oz - 19 1/2 in
Born at 8:40am on May 12th 2006

Here are some Q&A’s to the game.
How do we share pictures?Hashtags. For sharing pictures for the Photo of the Week Challenge, we will use hashtag#photoadayMM.
Since Facebook now uses hashtags like Twitter and Instagram, you can share your photo to ANY of these three social media sites using that hashtag.

Can I see other’s photos?Yes of course! After sharing your own photo using that hashtag, click on over to the Photo Feed page and see others who are also sharing their photos using that hashtag. Then, comment, share or like as many other photos as you want.

Why play?Well for 1, it’s fun :) And 2, if you’re like me, who likes to take pictures and get a little creative with them, you will be able to share your special moments with others who are also participating and want to be apart of our photo a week community.

Do I need a blog to play?
Absolutely not! Since we’re using hashtags, anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account can play.

Every Week

The host will pick a favorite photo and share it on her social media sites as that week’s Featured Photo.

There will be a new photo theme. This week will be a special mama moment, but next week will be something completely different so remember to check back each Sunday to find out what the Photo of the Week theme will be.

Now who’s with me?? Let’s get started!

Check out the latest photos from the photo challenge HERE.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab a button!

Mommy Mentionables


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