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July 15, 2013

Safety Considerations For The Nursery

Safety considerations for the nursery are an important part of setting up your baby’s bedroom. Although some people don’t leave their child in their nursery overnight until they are 6 months old or more, this is a time when babies become more mobile, able to sit up, roll over and sometimes even crawl and climb. Therefore it is vital to consider the safety aspects of the nursery as your baby will be spending a lot of time in there alone! 
Baby shops online offer a wide selection of safety equipment and baby stores selling nursery items also offer information and advice to new parents. You can ask your Health Visitor for more advice and most will be happy to have a look around your nursery and point out any potential hazards if you invite them to. Some of the most important things to consider in terms of safety are as follows.

  • A room thermometer: These are usually digital and some models are dual purpose and can be used to measure the temperature of bath water…simply drop into the water. Keeping a baby’s nursery at a good temperature is important as new babies cannot regulate their own temperature for some time. Baby shops online have a good selection of thermometers in general. 
  • Blinds: Blinds at windows may be useful for keeping out the morning sunlight, but many unfortunately still come with dangerous cords. This is a very dangerous hazard as some babies climb very early and the risk is that they will become entangled in the loop of the cord causing death or serious injury. Choose blinds on a spring loaded mechanism with no cord…these are the types which are operated by a simple tug at the bottom of the blind and they are cord free.
  • Plug Socket Covers: These are a rather controversial subject; this is due to the fact that British 13 Amp sockets have a built in automatic shutter which is there to stop children from poking items into them. The UK government does not recommend the use of plug socket covers. The concerns which have been raised regarding them are that they actually hinder the built in shutter if they are placed in the wall incorrectly or if a child partly removes them. This creates a situation where the child could get electrocuted were they to work an item inside the socket. 
  • The Cot: If you are using a second hand cot, inspect it carefully for damage. Never use a second hand mattress as this has been proven to be a SIDS risk. Babies do not need pillows and these are considered to be a suffocation risk as are soft toys within the cot when the baby is present. Duvets are not recommended for babies under the age of 18 months or so. A baby sleeping bag from your local baby store or baby shop online can be the best choice. Make sure the mattress is perfectly fitting with no gaps at all at the sides. 
  • The layout: Ensure the cot or any other furniture is well away from the window. Babies can soon learn to climb up them and access the opening. Lamps should be placed well away from soft furnishings and be brand new with safety stickers attached, you will find a good choice in baby stores or baby shops online. Never hang mirrors or artwork over a baby’s cot in case it should fall and always anchor heavy bookcases or other furniture with screws in the wall. Babies climb pretty relentlessly once they learn how and the risk of them being crushed by falling furniture is high. 
When you begin your nursery shopping in baby stores or baby shops online, be sure to read the safety recommendations including the age range which products are suitable for. Ask advice from the store if you are at all uncertain.

Larrson Davitts is a father and has two wonderful children. He is a lover of spending time with family, friends and also of technology.


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