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July 24, 2013

5 Ways to Write A Successful Viral Blog Post

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Does your blog lack traffic?!

You want to write an article and after a lot of research and hard work, you finally come up with your post. But, what if all your effort and hard work go in vain? I am talking about the nightmare of every blogger - "low traffic".

Every blogger dreams to be successful and always tries to give his/her best while writing any article. Then they think, "why won't people visit my blog?". 

There are a lot of reasons why you could be getting low traffic on your blog, but if you want to increase your traffic, just look at the tips below.

Let's have a look at 5 ways to write a successful blog post and make it go viral (after all, having a blog post go viral will bring you tons of traffic!)

1. Fresh and Organic Content:

Every blogger should concentrate on writing a fresh topic. Your visitors have a lot of options to choose from on the internet.
If they see something new and organic in your blog, then they will visit your blog. Then comes the quality of content; you should be doing a lot of home work before writing any article. What I mean to say is, just go with different sources and gather as much information you can and use it in your article. Keep your target at writing between 500-1000 words - with appropriate use of keywords.

2. Search engine optimization:

You've finished a fine article and you're ready to post it, but have you ever thought why search engines don't help you generate traffic? Maybe not. The most common mistake that most bloggers make is that they never go for "keyword research". Yes, keyword research will help you find the keywords that are being used the most on search engines. With appropriate implementation of these keywords you will not only get your article indexed faster but it can also cause your post to be placed higher on the first page of search engines results (Try using "Google Keyword Research Tool"). In addition to these, be sure your coding is correct and you have indexed your blog in various search engines. Next, you can start creating backlinks to your article. 

3. Creating backlinks:

Most of you have never thought to create backlinks, but believe me, it will help to boost the page rank of your article. In addition to this -  if you are also looking for ways to increase your Alexa ranking; then you must aim for creating backlinks.
Creating backlinks is very easy, but there are some problems with it too. You can easily create backlinks by commenting in forums and blogs that have the CommentLuv plugin enabled. However, you should always try to be true with comments so they get approved. As I mentioned earlier, there are some problems with this method of creating backlinks - that is if the owner of the website removes the CommentLuv plugin, your hard work will crash from top to bottom. 
The best way to create backlink is to write guest posts for high Page Rank blogs. Always try to write for blogs that have a better Page Rank than you.

4. Using a viral (sharing) plugin:

Don't let your visitors face any problem in sharing your content with others. The use of a viral plugin can help them share your content to various social network platforms in just one click. Users can also subscribe to your updates with some of these plugins. These plugins include the "Like" button on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter,
and many others are available free of charge.

5. Giveaways and contests:

Giveaways and contests are always helpful to attract a lot of traffic and is viral content by itself. Keep in mind to try with a contest based on referral. Various Apps are available on the market to help you setup your giveaway or contest; free of charge. However, I do suggest Punchtab, which will let you generate a number of tasks for participants in the contest;
that includes sharing your content, following you on social networks, commenting on your blog post and inviting others to increase their chances of winning. 
Regular giveaways on a blog  always help to build a good reader list.

This is a guest post written by Abhishek Kumar Jha; the owner and author of TechWorm. He provides his readers with the latest tech news, SEO tips, security news, tutorials, and more. 


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