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July 15, 2013

Tips To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

House cleaning
No child loves to clean up after themselves, especially when it's looked at as a chore. Rather than letting your kids think that cleaning is a task you're making them do, have you ever tried making cleaning more like a fun game? Here are some great tips for getting your kids to actually have fun while cleaning up!

Exciting to-do lists

Rather than writing up the traditional "dishes duty" or "mopping the floor" tasks on your weekly chores list, switch it up and make these chores sound a little more exciting. Use phrases like "surf and turf" for cleaning the garage and raking the leaves. Another cute task name is "hot tamales" which could mean cleaning the stovetop, dusting radiators and even emptying toaster crumbs.

Cleaning treasure hunt

Whether you have multiple bottles of house cleaners or there are several brooms and buckets scattered in closets throughout your home, turn this into a game for your kids to participate in. You could even hide little items throughout the house to make sure your kids clean under the sofa, behind the curtains and even behind doors. This will give your kids something fun to look forward to when it's time to clean!

Cleaning dance

Just like Barney taught us, incorporating song and dance into cleaning up can definitely make the process of cleaning more fun. When it's time to clean up, turn up the music and make a dance party out of it! This way, your kids will be getting exercise, will be having fun and will finish not even realizing they just cleaned up.

Assign sticker attributes

Many teachers use this method during elementary school, and you should use this same method at home when it comes to chores. Whether you use animals or different fruits or vegetable stickers, these can create a fun way for children to incorporate cleaning with something they really like.

Dust-ball derby

This one might sound a little gross, but it works. If it's been a while since you've cleaned under the beds or behind the doors, use this as an opportunity to create a game out of it for whoever can find the biggest dust-ball. Whoever finds the biggest gets to choose dinner one night the next week or the movie for family movie night! This way it'll turn into a competition and your kids will be searching (and cleaning) your whole house looking for the biggest dust-ball!


Kids are all about re-inventing their look, many of them over and over again! If they request a new paint color in their room, or you suggest one, this might be reason for them to feel motivated to thoroughly clean it from top to bottom. This includes pulling furniture away from walls, vacuuming the carpets, dusting, etc. In the end, the room will have a brand new look and your kids will have created a clutter-free, clean living environment!
When it comes down to it, you don't have to approach cleaning in a negative and chore-ish way for your kids. Instead, you can show them how fun cleaning can truly be, even if you don't think of it that way.
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Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed neat freak! She uses any technique she can to keep her place clean, including putting in storage shelves throughout her home. She hopes her knowledge and advice will help anyone who's looking to organize their home too!


Sarah Hayes said...

I love these ideas. I try to make cleaning fun for my LO. sometimes it helps her clean up if I count the things she has to put away. I like the idea of song and dance too

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