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July 22, 2013

Top Natural Tips To Soothe Your Baby's Teething Woes

When your baby starts teething, it can be a difficult time for both yourself and your baby. Your little one is suffering with a new type of pain and discomfort that they don’t understand, whilst you drive yourself mad trying every solution under the sun to try to comfort them.
All babies are individual, so there is no guaranteed quick fix remedy. Some babies are lucky and find that their teeth pop through with minimal discomfort. However, most babies are not quite so fortunate and have to put up with months of sore gums, teething pains and excessive dribbling.
As a parent, the best that you can do is try to make your baby as comfortable as possible during this testing time. Not all remedies work for all babies, so trial and test them out until you find out what works best for your baby. Of course, there are soothing gels and painkillers available, but it is worth trying out non-medicated methods beforehand in case you can resolve the problem in a more natural way.
Buy a teething ring
Teething rings are a firm favourite with babies and parents alike. Teething babies feel the urge to chew and you will often find that if you don’t give your little one something to gnaw on, they will chew something else. Babies have a habit of finding unhygienic objects to put in their mouths if you don’t provide them with something.

Many teething rings are suitable for refrigeration which provides your baby with a cool, soothing sensation for their gums which can also numb the pain. With teething rings, be careful to avoid allowing them to become too cold. Never freeze a teething ring and only leave it in the fridge for the time specified on the instructions. A frozen teething ring can cause damage to your baby’s gums.
Chewing on a cold piece of fruit or veg
If you don’t yet have a teething ring for your baby, it is easy to improvise with a piece of cold apple or carrot. Chewing on a cold piece of fruit or veg has pretty much the same outcome as chewing on a teething ring – it brings your baby the satisfaction of getting their gums into something cool and soothing.
Always supervise your baby with their piece of apple or carrot. Your baby may be capable of biting off small chunks which become a choking hazard.
Tackling the dribble
A common side effect of teething is excessive dribbling. This can cause additional discomfort for your baby on top of the physical pain and discomfort of teething. Some parents have reported having to change their baby’s clothes several times a day because they became soaked. Sometimes, your teething baby may be crying because their clothes are wet.
Purchasing a dribble bib or scarf bib can resolve this, changing the dribble bib regularly will keep your baby dry and prevent them from developing a rash on their neck or chin which can often occur as a result of excessive dribble.
Hannah Chadderton is a renowned author and expert in all things relating to childcare. When getting the latest information on a huge variety of essential products for your child, Hannah visits www.easynappies.co.uk.


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