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August 4, 2013

AquaNotes - Waterproof Paper Notepad Review

Aqua Notes Product Packaging

Have you remembered something or had an idea while in the shower only to forget it afterwards? It has happened to me before and I know it gets really frustrating. If only you could have a notepad in the shower so anytime these thoughts arise you would be able to jot them down. Believe it not, you can! AquaNotes is a waterproof paper notepad that allows you to write notes while in the shower without ruining the paper or making the note unreadable. 

Aqua Notes Products Displayed

When I first received the AquaNotes I was a bit skeptical. I honestly did not think they would work very well. Included inside the box is a notepad with 40 sheets and a pencil that includes a suction holder. The sheets are perforated, which should mean they are easy to remove. However, they are not. The notepad includes suctions that are built into it and the sheets never seem to want to tear along the perforated line. Because of this, when you try to tear the sheet, it tries to tear from where its attached in the notepad but the suctions prevent this. You'll have to use two hands and pull with some strength. Although it is quite difficult to remove, the sheets have always tore along the perforated line and in perfect condition. 

AquaNotes - My personal steps photo

To my surprise, it actually worked. I had the feeling that the writing from the pencil would either fade, smear, or come off completely. The pencil included appears to be a regular, standard pencil with an eraser. Although, it is waterproof and made with Incense Cedar wood. It can be sharpened using an ordinary pencil sharpener.  I tested using a regular pencil and I had the same results. I also tested the use of the eraser and found out that it doesn't erase easily or completely. 

The notepad paper is not your ordinary household paper; it's a waterproof paper that is recyclable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. AquaNotes are eco-friendly all around - even the ink used to print the information (including the logo) on the notepad is soy based. 

You can use AquaNotes in other places; not just the shower! Take it along when you're spending a day out on a boat. Outside worker? Now you don't have to worry about notes getting ruined from the rain. 

Price: $7.00


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