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August 4, 2013

Playdin's Cotton Candy Cutesies Review

Cotton Candy Cutesies Logo
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The Cotton Candy Cutesies are definitely cute. They are sweet plush toys that feature hair that resembles cotton candy and it's fun to play with! They come in cute packaging too - it's a candy box! Each Cutesie has a flavorful personality such as Hot Cinnamon, Rainbow Cookie, Bubble Gum, and more (there's 11 characters to choose from!). These Cotton Candy Cutesies are made by Playdin; a creator of enchanting and unique plush toys. 

I have two daughters and they absolutely love toys like this. They love playing with dolls or plush toys that allow them to style hair or clothing the way they want it. Although you can't style the Cutesies clothing, your child can have a lot of fun styling it's hair! 

I received the Bubble Gum Cutesie for my review. She's pink and she loves chewing pink bubble gum! 

Cotton Candy Cutesie Bubblegum Toy
There has been many times I (and I know this has happened to other people as well) that I have received a product and then found it on the website or vice versa and thought to myself, "that's not what it looked like!" If you are a frequent online shopper, I'm sure you see this a lot. You may choose to order something based on it's colors (e.g. bright, vibrant, or just the shade of color) and when you receive it, find out that it's not exactly what you were expecting. I mention this because this is what I thought when I first saw these on the website. 

When I received the toy I didn't think anything at first but when I visited the website to get more information, I quickly realized the colors stood out more and appeared more vibrant in the website photos then it does in person. Maybe I am one to notice minor details but it came to my mind and I feel it needs to be said (and shown). 

The photo below on the right shows the color more truly. The shade of pink is not the same and it's not as vibrant.  

Bubblegum Cutesie Plush Doll

You can also see from my photos (and the photo from the website) that they do not have arms. I have to say I am a little confused about this because their website (and logo) feature Cutesies that have arms. I'm not sure why they wouldn't have arms and I'm not sure why they would create art showing these characters with arms when they really don't have any. *Really speaking my opinion here*. 
Cutesie Bubblegum Hair

I think these Cotton Candy Cutesies are adorable and sometimes I even find it fun to style her hair - You can style it, shake it, and style it again. I do feel the price is a bit high for what the toy is; by a few dollars. Both of my girls love it - Audrey loves her hair and the stars that are in it and Sabrina said she loves her face (she's so silly).

These can make great gifts and I know a lot little girls would love to have one (or more) of these. They do have some that could be appropriate for boys too; they aren't only for girls.

Cutesie Bubblegum Face

Price: $13.99 - Size: 8"
Purchase: You can purchase online through the Playdin website or other online retailers such as Amazon.com and yoyo.com. 


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